Lymphatic Treatments for Women’s Health and Beauty

by Barbara Meza

lymphatic treatments womenWellness practitioners may incorporate many complementary modalities into treatments, yet two that demonstrate very profound client improvement are lymphatic drainage and cupping therapies.
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Contemporary Cupping Therapy for Health and Beauty

by Barbara Meza

barbara mezaCupping therapy is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment for many health disorders, with roots in ancient medical practice, in cultures as diverse as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Aztec, Native American, China and more. The current influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine and traditional ayurvedic medicine has seen a reintegration of this healing therapy.
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NOVEMBER 2014: Personal Empowerment, Table of Contents

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The Real Argan Oil

by Audrey Chen

sheer argan oilIn December 2012, Mahdi Bourhim’s mother, Rkia, traveled from Morocco to visit the Philadelphia area. Bourhim took his mother to a high end cosmetics store that carries a well-known line of argan oil cosmetics. With a lifetime of experience picking and grinding argan nuts to extract their oil, his mother was unimpressed with the products found here in the U.S. She found that not only were they not fresh, but they had been mixed with other substances. With the assistance of his mother and aunts in Morocco, Bourhim has been able to produce pure, authentic argan oil and import it here to Bath, Pennsylvania.

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