Logan’s Heroes Brings Vets and Pets to Heal

by Grace Antonini

LogansHeroesLogo_0417It’s a uniquely beautiful kind of healing that takes place when two beings, weakened by a traumatic past or disability, find support, strength and love in one another. At Logan’s Heroes Animal Rescue, in Lehigh County, healing is forged by the animal-human bond.

This nonprofit organization embodies the spirit of Logan, a young German Shepherd who was purchased at a pet shop and eventually returned by the family that bought him because of a congenital disability. By that time, sadly, it was too late for Logan to be saved. Inspired by this tragic experience, Logan’s Heroes was formed with the purpose of joining rescued animals from dire situations (such as puppy mills and commercial kennels) with people suffering from trauma and disabilities. Logan’s Heroes focuses on veterans that dedicated their lives to military service and are consequently living with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

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