The Bookcase: We’re Even Hungrier for Health

by Ellensue Spicer-Jacobson

Hungrier for Health photoIn Hungrier for Health, Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., expands on the four fundamental principles of healthy eating found in her first book: Eat primitive, eat colorful, eat alkaline and eat organic. She then gives readers four additional eating principles to consider: Eat natural, eat vegan, eat more raw foods and eat native.

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The Local Bookcase: Healthy is Delicious

Healthy Cooking Can Be Delicious

by Audrey Chen

Healthy is Delicious coverWhile print book sales have been falling, the cookbook category has been growing. The economy is stagnant and more people are staying home and learning how to cook. In Healthy is Delicious: More Than a Cookbook, local author Kathleen Downey shares her recipes and knowledge for eating right and keeping sickness at bay.
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