Cortisol: The Stress, Aging and Obesity Hormone

by Michael Cheikin

Stress. We all know what it feels like. We also know that it affects our health, but how?

Understanding Stress

Stress is defined in terms of a system pushed to its limits. For example, bridges are designed to handle the stress of a fixed weight, and no more. However, living systems, when subjected to normal amounts of stress, grow stronger. In fact, stress is necessary for optimal development, growth and fun. Homework and sports are examples of how controlled stress, or challenge, makes us better. All systems of our body are designed to handle stress and grow stronger (even into old age) so that we can survive and procreate.  Continue reading

Maintaining Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

by Patricia McDougall

patricia mcdougallIt’s that time of year again. Brand new calendar, holidays are a memory, it’s time for a fresh start. Perhaps the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, often attempted with unused gym memberships and diets that quickly fade.
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