Dr. Hyo Lim Makes Oral Health Whole Health

by Carrie Jackson

drlimOral health as central to one’s overall health is the philosophy at Dental Wellness Centre, in King of Prussia. Founded by Dr. Hyo “Tony” Lim, who has served the holistic community since 2000, the practice offers safe and effective, holistic dental options. “I encourage patients to make healthy choices in their daily life which, holistically, will benefit their dental health,” explains Lim, whose whole-health mentality extends beyond teeth and gums.

Dentistry is a second career for Lim, who started out working with computers. “I’ve always been fascinated by science, but I realized I liked working with people, too. Early on in my training, I learned about preventative and holistic dentistry, and that really resonated with me,” he says. Lim opened Dental Wellness Centre with the goal of providing the highest quality holistic dental care and stays on top of new techniques and findings through research and informative courses.

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Wary of Whiter Teeth? Considering Safety and Sensitivity

by Hyo Lim

People visiting the dentist frequently want to know, “How can I get my teeth whiter?” Driven by the entertainment industry’s obsession for beauty and youth, Americans are striving for whiter, brighter smiles.

There are a variety of options for achieving whiter teeth. Let’s start by answering these questions: What actually is bleaching? Is bleaching safe? What products are effective, and what products and methods are more natural?

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Summer Cold Sores: Tips for Reducing the Burn

by Hyo Lim

WomanEthnicCoveringMouth_46009499_lIt starts as a tingle on the lips, and in a few days a painful blister appears, announcing to the world the arrival of a cold sore. This condition affects many and often occurs at the most inopportune times. Despite its “cold” name, it can be triggered by excessive sunlight, making summer a prime time to suffer an outbreak. Other triggers include stress, trauma (dental treatments), fatigue and hormonal changes. The typical time for healing is two weeks.

The triggers activate the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1), which lies dormant in the nerves until it infects the cells in and around the lips. In a few days the sore becomes visible and is contagious. The virus can then spread to other parts of the body and to people that have not been previously infected. For most people who suffer from cold sores, the infection has occurred during early childhood without any visible outbreaks. Cold sores can also be contracted by sexual contact from exposure to genital herpes virus (HSV-2).

There is no cure for this common but bothersome disease. The best approach is to prevent outbreaks by controlling and avoiding the typical triggers. There are, however, products to reduce the duration and severity of symptoms. Antiviral medications such as Valtrex and Zovirax taken orally with in the first 24-48 hours of the onset of symptoms can be effective in shortening the outbreak and lessening the intensity of the cold sores.

Topical ointments, whether prescription (Denavir, Zovirax) or over the counter (Abreva, Zilactin), shorten the outbreak by only a few days. The products can, however, reduce the symptoms of pain, itching and burning.

There are also some natural products that can help in recovering from cold sores. Lysine, an amino acid, taken daily (1000mg) has been found to reduce the frequency of outbreaks. For those that like the taste, licorice can be an enjoyable way to fight back. Studies have shown that the glycyrrhizic acid found in licorice prevents the spread of the virus. Licorice powder can even be added to petroleum jelly or other creams and applied to the affected areas. Lastly, aloe vera applied topically can soothe the symptoms of burning and itching. It does not shorten the duration of cold sores caused by HSV-1, but it does speed up the healing process of those caused by HSV-2 (genital herpes).

CRG_DentalWellnessCentre_1115As the height of summer approaches, enjoy the long sunny days with plenty of sunscreen for the exposed areas, including the lips. If an outbreak does occur, consult your dentist or doctor or try the natural products mentioned here to deal with the cold sores. Rest assured, the summer is long and the outbreak will be short.

Dr. Hyo Lim, DMD, practices at Dental Wellness Centre, in King of Prussia. Connect with him at 610-265-4485 or DentalWellnessCentre.com.

July 2016

Your Mouth Speaks Volumes

Local Dentists on the Cutting Edge of Oral Health

by Elisa Smith

Your Mouth Speaks VolumesThe eyes may be considered the window to the soul, but functional dentists believe the mouth is the gateway to overall health, with repercussions extending well beyond a beautiful smile.

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Teeth Grinding: Causes and Treatments

by Hyo Lim

“…there will the weeping and grinding of teeth be.” (Matt. 25:30, Byington)

teeth grindingA sign of the last days for many—and an epidemic of broken and worn teeth for dentists. Bible prophecy aside, there is a real dental health issue with people grinding their teeth. Young and old, male and female, abnormal wearing of teeth can present a variety of tooth and jaw problems. But what causes someone to grind their teeth and what damage can this activity create in the mouth?

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Struggling with ‘Cotton Mouth’?

by Hyo Lim

cotton mouth girlDry mouth is a common problem that people face from time to time. For some people, however, dry mouth—also known as xerostomia—is a more persistent and serious condition. Patients often complain of “cotton mouth” and/or thick, sticky saliva. But what leads to this condition?
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Avoiding and Treating Gum Disease

by Hyo Lim

Gum disease—one of the most common oral diseases in the world—is caused by the infection of the gum tissues by bacteria and other pathogens. Even in this country, with the ready access to dental care and oral hygiene products, gum disease affects a majority of the population. The reason for this situation is that in the beginning stages there may be no noticeable symptoms. However, periodontal disease—the medical term for gum disease—left unchecked and untreated, can lead to pain, impaired oral function and possible problems in other parts of the body. A brief discussion of this common disease and the current treatment options may help reduce the fairly high risk.
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