A New Approach to Grooming

Liz Sines is the lead groomer at Holiday House Spa on State in Doylestown. A lifelong animal lover and equestrian, she began bathing and handling dogs at a local horse farm as a teenager. She has been a full-time groomer since 2002 and completed both National and International Master Groomer Certifications in 2014.

What is your approach to pet grooming?

Grooming allows me to pursue both the stewardship of animals and the art involved in executing a balanced and practical haircut for any dog’s job description. Whether a dog lives on the farm, is a home companion or a therapy aid, I love to find a beautiful style that suits the companion’s lifestyle as well as the owner’s budget. I craft balance, symmetry and breed/type nuances into every cut. I hear from clients that while they cannot specifically say what I’ve done differently, for some reason, their dog just looks “right” or “more natural”. Continue reading