The Sacred Geometry of Life

by Susan Burger

sacred geometryWe live in a world that is a subtle balance of complex interrelationships. The old mechanistic view of science has taken us away from that truth and inadvertently helped to create the global crisis that we find ourselves in.
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Find the Best Chiropractor for You

One of the most popular questions we hear is, “Who is the best chiropractor in the area?” To be fair, there are many qualified, well-established, and talented practitioners in the area. When selecting a chiropractor, one size does not fit all, and despite their reputation, not all chiropractors are “rack ’em, crack ’em”. It is well known that chiropractors do adjustments, but what makes one chiropractor different from another?

We decided to take a deeper look at some of the practices in the area to see what makes each unique, when you take the chiropractic out of the chiropractor.

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