Esteemed Local Experts in Natural Medicine

by Phil Gutis

2012dr moiseDr. Adriana Moise is a strong believer in Dr. Andrew Weil’s approach to integrative medicine. In fact, she completed a two-year fellowship in 2011 from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, the world-renowned institute founded by Weil.

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Get to Know Your Microbiome

by Wendy Warner

dr warner

Dr. Wendy Warner

We have more “bugs” in and on our bodies than cells. For every gene in our own genome, there are about 100 bacterial genes. Studies have shown that the microbes who live with us vastly impact our health—everything from our levels of inflammation to our brain function to our risk for diabetes. These colonies of microbes that live in and on us are called our microbiome.

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Community Spotlight: Dr. Wendy Warner’s Long List of Life Accomplishments

by Linda Sechrist

Although Wendy Warner, M.D., founder of Medicine in Balance, didn’t have it on her bucket list to coauthor a book about supercharging the immune system, she simply could not resist the opportunity when Dr. Kellyann Petrucci presented her with the idea. Continue reading