Reiki at End of Life: Healer Natalie Bliss Shares Her Experience

ED_AscendHospice-Natalie Bliss_0917What is your name and where do you live?
Natalie Bliss, Philadelphia.

How long have you been volunteering for Ascend Hospice?
Five years.

How often do you volunteer?
As often as once a week, depending on the needs and location of the client.

Why did you decide to enroll in this program?
As a Reiki Master Teacher, I feel it is important to respond to people’s need for healing. Since the concept of “hospice” in general carries a stigma in society, I felt that the need was probably greater among the hospice population than anywhere else I could volunteer.

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Energy Work at End-of-Life: One Volunteer’s Experience

ed_barbettebieber_0217What is your name and where do you live?
Barbette Bieber, Lansdale.

How long have you been working with hospice patients?
I have been volunteering at Ascend Hospice since 2005.

How many times a week/month do you volunteer?
I try to volunteer at least once a month or more. It can vary.

Why did you decide to enroll in the program?
When my parents and grandparents were alive I loved spending time with them. Once they passed, I felt a void. I saw an advertisement for volunteer training at the Lansdale Library. Since it was so close, I decided to go, especially since they were looking for people with reiki experience, and I have that skill. I love to visit nursing homes and enjoy visiting the elderly, so I thought this would be a great fit for me, and I thought this would be a way to help me feel needed.

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