Off the Couch, Into the World: Evergreen Counseling Does More than Just Talk

Licensed Professional Counselor Alexis Zankman Lee has a decade of experience working with children, teens, adults and families for issues including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, life transitions and ADHD. Her practice, Evergreen Counseling, in Warminster, offers a variety of treatment approaches because, Lee says, “Everyone is unique; no one person is the same as any other.”

Her practice focuses primarily on cognitive behavioral therapy with an emphasis on skill building. She describes putting this philosophy into practice, recalling a client that wanted to explore the outdoors but was prevented by obsessive-compulsive disorder. “After doing a lot preparatory work,” says Lee, “we went hiking together, just she and I, so we could put what we were talking about into action in her life.”

Lee often recommends yoga, meditation, sound therapy and acupuncture to her clients, as well as shamanic or energy healing, in some cases. At Evergreen Counseling, the names and schedules of nearby complementary healing facilities are kept on hand, and Lee expresses excitement over new relationships that will come from within the like-minded Natural Awakenings community.

“It’s not enough to tell someone that has anxiety, ‘Just bring your mind to the present moment,’” she explains. “We have to provide them with real tools for those actual moments.

Like, for a mom who is leaving work and feeling stressed: what can she do to calm herself before she comes home to her family? Maybe she can sit in her car and listen to an audiobook or call a friend. We work from this practical perspective so that what we do helps people live their real lives.”

Location: 5 Evergreen Ave., Warminster. For a free consultation and more information, call 215-323-4244 or visit October 2017