Contemporary Cupping Therapy for Health and Beauty

by Barbara Meza

barbara mezaCupping therapy is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment for many health disorders, with roots in ancient medical practice, in cultures as diverse as Egypt, Greece, Rome, Aztec, Native American, China and more. The current influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine and traditional ayurvedic medicine has seen a reintegration of this healing therapy.
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Nutrition and Weight Loss

It’s Not Just Calories. What We Eat Matters.

by Daniel Lebowitz

daniel lebowitzMost people believe a very simple concept. In order to lose weight, calories taken in must be less than calories burned on a daily basis. This is not entirely wrong. The laws of physics cannot be broken. If one eats 500 calories a day and is alive, they are going to lose weight. That being said, nutrition and weight loss are much more complex than this oversimplification. Let’s delve into why.
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Is Your Inner Child Screaming for Help?

by Wendi Rose and Sam Haines

inner childNow and again, we think we are rushing around occupying ourselves with the busyness of life when, in actuality, we are running as if hunted by some inner compulsion. It can be hard to notice and even harder to look at. What is it that we have such a hard time facing?
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Spectrum of Grieving

by Julie Ann Allender

One of the big mistakes that people make is assuming that all grief is equal. Grief for one individual is not the same as for another. One often makes the mistake of passing judgment on those who are grieving, making it worse for those that need to face their losses. Some individuals are not ready to face their grief and need to work toward finding the path to start their own grieving process. Others may never face their grieving process.
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Natural Awakenings BuxMont Celebrates Five Years

na anniversary logoFebruary 2015 marks five years since Natural Awakenings arrived in the healthy living community of Bucks and Montgomery counties. Since then, NA BuxMont has helped countless businesses reach their perfect clients and thousands of readers to stay well versed in leading a healthy and happy life.

To all who have been a part of this community’s continued successes, we thank you. Here’s to many more years!

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Our Longest and Often Most Challenging Relationship

by Patti McDougall

Our relationship with food can be a metaphor for our relationships in general. It is said that we do food like we do life. Think about this for a minute and ask yourself how you do food.
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Mood-Boosting Foods

by Melanie Stewart

Sugar may satisfy the sweet tooth and provide a pick-me-up or a quick boost to get going. However, other foods with more nutrition can help minimize feeling down in the dumps long after the sugar high wears off.
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Busy Family with No Time to Cook? Look No Further

by Audrey Chen

Healthy Cooking in a PinchLocal health coach, fitness trainer and busy mother, Sheila Royce Garcia, has written a cookbook created for the busy family, called Healthy Cooking in a Pinch: the Family Cookbook on How to Create Delicious Meals on Busy Days. Not having time to cook doesn’t have to mean empty calories, as she presents nutrient-rich foods, many with time-saving tips.
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Healthy Lifestyle App Now Available for Android

The Natural Awakenings healthy living, healthy planet lifestyle app has been upgraded with a brand-new look and updated features. The free app, already downloaded by more than 40,000 iPhone users, is now available on the Android platform.
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Special Deal on Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

Elisa Maggio, owner of Touch The Earth, in Ottsville, is offering a special coupon for five, one-hour sessions of craniosacral therapy. The purpose of the coupon is to introduce people to the benefits of craniosacral therapy by documenting with photographs of how it can revitalize their look.
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Breakthrough ‘Inner-Child Reconnection Program’ Comes to BuxMont

Wendi Rose: Heart Centered Healing Systems, LLC, introduces its new program Wendi Rose: Inner-Child Reconnection, developed and authored by Rev. Wendi Rose and Samuel Haines. The mission of the program is to empower anyone impacted emotionally, mentally or spiritually by a life experience or trauma—to affect positive and lasting changes in their life from a place of empowerment and self-love.
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L’il Angel’s Consignment Holds Spring Sale

L’il Angel’s Consignment (LAC), the largest and only top-rated kids consignment sale in Bucks and Philadelphia counties, is holding its spring/summer event March 7 and 8, in Bensalem. The sale will be held from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 7 and from 8 a.m. to noon on March 8. A $15 bag sale will also take place from 1 to 2 p.m., March 8.
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