Full Living Psychotherapy’s Virtual Matchmaking Practice Connects Clients and Practitioners in a New Way

by Lucy Hendricks

In a major metropolitan area like Philadelphia’s, there is no shortage of mental health professionals. But finding the right therapist, one that fits with an individual, couple or family’s unique issues and disposition, can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack, or worse yet, a crapshoot.
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Presence Before Presents

by Karen L. Smith

presence presentsWhat can possibly compare to the expectations of a holiday season? Unfortunately, often not the holidays themselves. Between the build-up, the anticipation and the demands, we can be left disappointed by moments that we barely had a chance to taste as we were busily preparing for the next moment.
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Newly Opened Full Living Offers a Unique Psychotherapy Experience

karen smithFull Living, a unique psychotherapy practice, is launching this month with multiple offices in Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods. Director Karen Smith works exclusively with seasoned, culturally competent clinicians, offering relational psychodynamic clinical services for individuals, couples and families.
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Psychotherapists as Dance Archaeologists

by Karen Smith

dance archaeologyAn element of a good psychotherapy, the one that requires the most skill and psychological strength from the therapist, is one’s work uncovering early childhood dynamics (archaeology) that impact our daily patterns (dances).

No matter what brings folks to therapy, eventually, patterns from childhood become a centrally relevant part of the therapy. While we often wish our childhoods and original family relations were not so influential in adult functioning, we are commonly plagued by relationship dynamics we recognize as a direct response to our family of origin.
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