Mood-Boosting Foods

by Melanie Stewart

Sugar may satisfy the sweet tooth and provide a pick-me-up or a quick boost to get going. However, other foods with more nutrition can help minimize feeling down in the dumps long after the sugar high wears off.
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Locals Offer Tips on How to Sustain Happiness

The illusive happiness that one seeks is truly accessible at any given moment. It is a state; a way of being that can be created when awareness becomes primary; when finding the emotion of pleasure, contentment and joy becomes important in every moment. Often, as we rush around, getting tasks done and moving at a quick pace, it seem unattainable. Yet it Continue reading

There is gold in them there hills!

Original unchanged work submitted by Susan Burger, Riverside Chiropractic & Vitality Center, *

“My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.” said Michel de Montaigne. Life is always full of surprises and changes. Feeling frustrated, angry, sad, worried or afraid are all feelings that need to be felt and acknowledged. Having said that, I have learned over the years that the best next step is to let go of judgment. Not always easy to do. Continue reading