FUR-mented Foods

by Laura Weis

What if there were a single way to help pets with such diverse chronic diseases as inflammatory bowel disease, allergic dermatitis, hypothyroidism, food sensitivities, leaky gut, periodontal disease and anxiety disorders, and even aid in cancer prevention and treatment? Pharmaceutical companies would be delighted to sell a pill that addressed such a wide range of problems. Instead of buying another medication, pet parents can reach for the same foods that are foundational in the human ancestral diet: fermented vegetables, dairy products, grains, fish and meat. Continue reading

Reiki Master and Animal Communicator Judy Swanson Launches Unique Touch

Judy Swanson, a Reiki master and long-distance healer, has launched the company Unique Touch, in Pottstown. The company is committed to demonstrating that joy and tranquility can be achieved through healing energy. “I believe every animal and human deserves a tranquil universe,” notes Swanson, who is certified also as a crystal medicine therapist, an advanced angel card reader and an animal communicator. “Both humans and animals benefit from the services of Unique Touch.”

For more information, call 610-389-1891 or email TheUniqueTouch@gmail.com.