Moving from the Head to the Heart: Beth Herman’s Integrative Psychotherapy

What is your experience as a mental health professional?

I began my career in community mental health while I was still a graduate student, working with chronically and seriously mentally ill populations, doing both individual psychotherapy and co-facilitating groups.

In 2007, I opened my practice in Doylestown where I continue to practice today. My clients range from folks I refer to as from the “worried well”, to people struggling with mental illnesses, including Employee Assistance Program work.

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Opening Emotional Doorways to Pain: Hypnosis and Healing


by Beth Allyn Herman

When pain arises, the assumption is that it’s a true medical issue, injury or disease. If we visit the doctor and a medical cause cannot be identified, it might receive a diagnosis like fibromyalgia or an autoimmune disorder, which can be treated symptomatically, but often not with full relief. The experience of not being able to identify or treat the reason for our pain can lead to disappointment and frustration.

New research confirms a breakthrough in thinking on pain that could put an end to this predicament, and could mean relief for so many living with unexplained pain. Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD, in his book titled The Body Keeps the Score, presents a theory predicated on the realization that physical pain can in fact stem from an emotional nature. He describes how traumatic and other emotionally charged experiences store themselves in the cells of our bodies. “Our bodies record every single emotion we experience and oftentimes the pain we have in our bodies is related to an unresolved and perhaps even unremembered earlier experience,” he says.

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Open Up to Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy


For the past decade, clinical psychotherapist Beth Herman has provided individual counseling for adults, adolescents and children with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Now, Herman is excited to add a more person-centered, holistic modality called Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to her practice offerings.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy combines specialized hypnotherapy techniques that integrate Inner Child Work, CBT and Gestalt methods of therapy, resulting in healing for both client and practitioner after each session. “In this modality there is an energy release,” explains Herman. “From a cognitive perspective, there is a conclusion that we draw about ourselves based on core experiences, and they can be misguided. The goal in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is to heal that wound by correcting the mistaken thought or concept and to affirm a new behavior.”

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