A Gentler Way to Heal Hearts

by Michelle Bense

Aria Health logoHealing hearts is now more accurate and safer than ever before. Epoch—the latest version of the Stereotaxis GentleTouch Magnetic Treatment System—is available at Aria Health, a three-hospital health system serving Philadelphia and Bucks County. The robotic system can be used to treat numerous heart defects, most notably arrhythmias, heart failure and coronary artery disease.

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Healthy Heart Care Tips for Everyone

by Jamie Lober

Good cardiovascular health starts with knowing the numbers. “You can have some control over weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar through non-pharmacological means,” says Dr. James Kmetzo, a cardiologist at Doylestown Hospital. Under the guidance of a health professional, anyone can set goals for proper diet, exercise and screenings. Here are some basic guidelines to consider.
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H2mojO: A New Probiotic Drink

mojo logoH2mojO, a non-dairy water kefir beverage, is now available for purchase in its first retail store, in New Hope. The fermented beverage is non-alcoholic, made from organic raw sugar, apple juice, natural fruits, spices and kefir—a bacteria yeast combination full of bioavailable vitamins and live probiotics.

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