Advanced Dentistry Meets Zen-Like Spa: Dr. Skovron’s Niche Dental Retreat


by Rebecca Antsis

Imagine if a state-of-the-art dentistry practice had a lovechild with a holistic spa: the light aroma of peppermint and cloves would waft pleasantly though the air as the soft whir of a nearby air purifier commingled with the ongoing susurrus produced by gentle cascades of a zen waterfall. KIND bars would sit next to a Keurig, perched atop a hotel-style mini-fridge housing exotic, bottled iced teas. Nestled in the corner would be the deep, inviting cushion of a leather massage chair. Staff members would greet co-workers and patients with a radiant conviviality.

Fortunately, innovative imagination can become reality, as evidenced by Heritage Dental, in Montgomeryville.

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Open Wide and Say Spaaaa

Not Your Grandma’s Dentist

by Elisa Smith


Beth Skovron 1“Progressive dentistry in a relaxing setting” is how Beth Skovron, D.D.S., defines her Heritage Dental practice. She and her staff perform state-of-the-art dentistry in a spa atmosphere to put even the most dental-phobic patients at ease while restoring and maintaining optimal oral health.
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CEREC Tooth Restorations at Heritage Dental

by Beth Skovron

tooth restoration 1Dental work in the past usually left patients with a mouth full of plastic or silver. Modern dentistry has given us new and exciting options for dealing with the dental problems many of us face. With the state-of-the-art CEREC tooth restoration system, tooth repairs and restorations look much more natural, are more durable and last longer than traditional restorations. Best of all, the whole procedure can be done in one visit to Heritage Dental, in Montgomeryville.
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Replacing Full-Mouth Dental X-Rays with Low-Radiation 3D Scans

Dr. Beth Skovron now offers low-radiation 3D scans at her dental practice, Heritage Dental. The state-of-the-art technology called the GALILEOS® 3D Dental Conebeam provides a 3D rendering of the head and neck area to assess those areas, using the lowest radiation level possible.

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Tips for Nurturing Yourself

We asked members of our community what they do to care for themselves in order to better help others. Here are their best tips and tricks for being a little selfish.

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