An Evening in The Cave: Visiting with Anita Heft, Owner of Himalayan Salt & Wellness Cave

crg_himalayansaltnwellnesscave_0816It’s a rainy winter weeknight, and yet the waiting room of the Himalayan Salt Cave and Wellness Center, in Pottstown, is packed with people. Men and women, children and senior citizens fill the lobby, busily checking in on their reservations. The monthly sound bowl meditation event starts soon; both the 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. sessions are sold out.

Natural Awakenings: Wow, there are a lot of people here!
Anita Heft: We take reservations weeks in advance. These events are very popular, as are our crystal healing and guided meditation events. We do all sorts of events in the caves, from bridal parties to yoga classes, reflexology and reiki. There are options for socializing—you can rent the cave or family room and just come in and hang out or be quiet and peaceful. There’s also a salt bed that delivers a more concentrated experience. All of these options offer the benefit of breathing in the salt air and taking some time to rest and relax.

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