Quick Tips to Easing a Child’s Cold

While it is not always possible to avoid a cold—particularly in younger
children—there are many ways to help alleviate symptoms.

Ginger, for example, is an anti-inflammatory herb that warms the respiratory tract. Ginger tea with honey can help while fresh ginger can also be added to many

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Integrative Pediatrics: Your Child’s Health and Safety First

2012dr moiseAs an integrative pediatrician, Dr. Adriana Moise, M.D., believes in a holistic healing approach that focuses on the patient-practitioner relationship and examines all areas of a patient’s lifestyle, including a healthy mind and body. Due to this whole-body perspective, integrative medicine often encompasses practices such as tai chi and meditation, which may not seem applicable in pediatrics. But, Moise disagrees. “Integrative medicine can be applied to anything,” says Moise, who points out that a young child can do simple yoga poses with a parent. Continue reading