March 2016 : Eye Health & Bodywork

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Health is in the ‘Eye’ of the Beholder

Iridology and Sclerology Help Detect Whole-Body Issues

by Michelle Bense

health in eye of beholderWhile proper eye health in itself contributes to improved vision, some specialized practitioners examine the appearance of the eyes to extrapolate the state of other health conditions and systems in the body. These professionals study the colored part, or iris, of the eye—a field known as iridology—and the whites, or sclera, of the eye—known as sclerology.
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Local Focus on Practitioner Tina Stashko

by Maryann Lawrence

tina stashkoTina Stashko’s interest in natural health and healing, which began in the 1970s, led to a fascinating journey of lifelong learning. In pursuit of an education in iridology, the ancient art of reading the iris, and sclerology, the art of reading the whites of the eyes, the founder of Natural Health Promotion, LLC, has traveled throughout the United States and Canada to learn about numerous healing modalities, several of which she now specializes in.
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Iridology Certification Course from BirgitCare

birgit lueders

Birgit Lueders

Birgit Lueders, of BirgitCare and the Center for Iridology, will offer Iridology certification courses in March, April and May.

Iridology is the study of the iris, pupil and sclera. By using a special digital iris camera, a trained Iridologist can analyze patterns and identify underlying body weaknesses, strengths and genetic predispositions. Iridologists are trained to analyze the color and structure of the iris to identify emotional, physical and spiritual strengths.
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