An Alternate Approach to Primary Care: Bucks County Integrative Medicine Champions Membership-Based Medical

by Carrie Jackson and Karen G. Meshkov

crg_bcim_juliahelstrom_1016_1When Julia Helstrom, DO, founded the Bucks County Center for Integrative Medicine (BCIM) this past year, it was because she imagined a better way for primary care. Before landing back in Doylestown, she was working 70 hours a week as a Family Medicine osteopath at a busy Philadelphia clinic and feeling increasingly disappointed with the limits of the traditional doctor-patient experience, as well as with the outcomes resulting from that relationship. When it came time to open her own practice, Helstrom knew that she wanted to pursue an alternative path being taken up by other forward-thinking, independent physicians—a subscription-based practice model known as “direct primary care” (DPC).

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Glaucoma Interrupted: Early Detection for Effective Treatment

Glaucoma is the country’s leading cause of preventable blindness, but by the time one notices a change in vision, it may be too late.

The disease is caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye, which destroys the optic nerve. This happens slowly and without symptoms—the first sign of glaucoma is usually the loss of peripheral vision. By the time this stage has been reached, little can be done to stop the disease’s progress.

55785743 - glaucoma written on the road sign

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Laid Back Taxes: Sal Burgio Makes Taxes Fun

by Rebecca Antsis

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S.A. Burgio & Associates is not your typical Bucks County accounting firm. The surfboards that adorn the office’s foyer are the first tip off, and the Margaritaville tapestry offers another playful nod to beach culture from these offices in Yardley’s Makefield Executive Quarters.

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Ayurvedic Counseling Sessions with Dr. Diana T. Moore

by Gisele R. Siebold

ayurvedadoshas_53169721_lDiana T. Moore, Ph.D., an ayurvedic yoga specialist, provides one-on-one and small group ayurvedic counseling in person or via Skype, designed to help clients achieve optimal health by improving their lifestyles.

Moore begins by taking a detailed history and performing a mind-body assessment  in alignment with ayurvedic practices to discern a person’s natural constitution and any imbalances within it. A change in diet and/or the addition of simple practices, such as adding yoga postures or breathing exercises to a daily routine, may be suggested. Moore offers nutritional counseling along with ayurveda.

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The Rewards of Healing: A Conversation with Doylestown Veterinarian Dr. Laura Weis

ed_doylestownveterinaryhospital-lauraweis_0117Dr. Laura Weis is the owner of Doylestown Veterinary Hospital and Holiday House Pet Resort, which has been caring for pets in the Central Bucks area for six decades.

You’ve recently added a Holistic Pet Care division to Doylestown Veterinary Hospital. How does a holistic veterinary approach differ from a more conventional approach?

I have been a conventional veterinarian for almost 20 years, and I love my job every day. It is interesting to talk about points of commonality between conventional and holistic veterinarians, as we all have the same goals: improvement of animal health, alleviation of animal suffering and strengthening of the human-animal bond.

My path to holistic medicine grew as I searched for better answers to improve animal health and treat chronic disease. I knew I wanted to move away from the tendency to compartmentalize problems and then address each one as though it lived in a separate box—a tendency we often see in the human health care model.

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An Evolved Approach for the Evolving Soul: Elaine Berk’s Integrative Therapy

crg_evolvingsoul-elaineberk_0316Elaine Berk, owner of Evolving Soul, LLC, has a desire to make a positive and immediate difference in the lives of her clients. On her journey toward spiritual awakening, she discovered that alternative routes can sometimes take you right where you need to go.

What services do you provide, and what are your qualifications?

Evolving Soul offers non-traditional, alternative, short-term therapies for healing, such as past life regression (PLR) therapy, energy psychology (EP) and tapping, and crystal-light-color therapy. Results can be achieved in one or a handful of sessions.

My background includes a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Temple University and years of practicing as a psychotherapist. I am a certified hypnotherapist and PLR therapist, have trained extensively in EP, and am honored to be one of a select few granted permission to bring crystal bed therapy to this area.


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Inner Spa: Detox and Self-Care Haven Since 2004

by Carrie Jackson


Since 2004, Newtown’s Inner Spa has been the Philadelphia suburban area’s preeminent center for colon hydrotherapy and detoxification counseling. The Newtown establishment also offers mineral body wraps and mud baths,  massage, reflexology, organic facials and other alternative healing treatments. Owner Cathy Windland is a national board certified colon hydrotherapist, wellness advocate and detoxification specialist. She and her staff work with clients to help them achieve their personal wellness goals, starting with detoxification and colon health.

“We take a holistic approach to detoxification, with all of our services aimed at helping to reduce the toxic burden,” explains Windland. “We encounter toxins every day through what we eat, drink, put on our skin or interact with in the environment. Sometimes the natural detoxification channels—through the skin and the colon—need help. If the colon is out of balance, it can potentially compromise the function of other systems in the body, including the immune system.  Using holistic techniques to help cleanse the body allows us to restore balance and support overall wellness.”

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Compassion, Care and Community: Foundations of Jennifer J. Riley’s Family Law Firm

jenniferjriley_adjJanuary is a time of transition, and, according to Jennifer J. Riley, managing attorney at the Law Offices of Jennifer J. Riley, it is a busy time in family law firms. “January is when most of us make personal promises of transformation and growth. We analyze the past year and make plans to improve in the new year. This is the time of the year when we focus on rejuvenation and health, both physical and spiritual. For many people, this is when they begin to investigate the possibility of a divorce.”

Associate Attorney Patrick Samanns notes the role of their firm in helping families in transition. “When clients come to our firm, they are often experiencing one of the most difficult times in their lives. As their lawyers, we have the opportunity to help them through this difficult time and to help give them the guidance they may need to get a fresh start,” he observes.


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Letter from the Publisher, January 2017

Karen_LFP_0516Looking through the stack of 2016 Natural Awakenings magazines piled up on my desk, it’s hard to believe the year is already over. I marvel at every issue, remembering the rich tapestry of articles and interviews, events and offerings that made each edition unique. This past year has been abundant, filled with dynamic growth for Natural Awakenings of Bucks and Montgomery counties and our readers and contributors in the local, holistic health and wellness community.

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Fused Coffee Makes a More Health-Conscious Cup

coffeecupbeans_37890159_lBy infusing seed oils from grapefruit, grape, pomegranate and black cumin into each gourmet coffee bean, Rain International has reimagined ordinary coffee into a supercharged coffee alternative for those seeking a more health-conscious brew.

Fused coffee artisanal blends are offered in black and latte varieties that combine natural and nutritious ingredients, including a seed oil blend, ganoderma extract, grapefruit, grape, pomegranate and black cumin. The proprietary seed-infused formula boasts over 150 antioxidants in each eight-ounce cup.

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Get Exclusive Access to North America’s Largest Organic Shopping Club

32432984 - happy family do the cleaningNorth America’s largest online wellness shopping club is a best-kept secret of health-conscious households. The club, whose name can be revealed only when shared through a club member, offers products sold through a personal network of members dedicated to helping people live a healthier lifestyle. By educating consumers about the toxins and chemicals found in their homes, and the effects these harmful substances have on our health, representatives like Spring House’s Susan Pontelandolfo assist in converting homes into safe havens.

“I sell these products because I use these products,” says Pontelandolfo. “It’s an easy and rewarding job to recommend products I know and love to the people I know and love!”

Pontelandolfo’s mission is to help people live a healthier lifestyle while saving money at the same time. A human resources generalist from Villanova University and certified webmaster through Pennsylvania State University, she explains the organization’s model: “Our company manufactures quality, environmentally safe products, sells them at reasonable prices and gives customers the opportunity to share in the revenue. By eliminating the costs of distribution, advertising and delivery to stores, our company saves our customers money and creates customer loyalty.”

Pontelandolfo always has her eye out for health-oriented people that are interested in becoming  representatives, as well as for members of the BuxMont community interested in being introduced to high quality, cost-effective and eco-conscious products that are delivered straight to the customer’s home.

For more information and a website link, call Pontelandolfo at 267-474-7536.

January 2017

Find Body Peace and Power with Virtual Workshop Series

eb_michellemcinnis_0117Michelle McInnis, life coach and transformation specialist, in partnership with nutritional consultant Ann Murphy, presents “Breaking Free: A Personal Power Program for Women Seeking Physical and Emotional Body Peace”. The six-week series of Monday classes meets virtually, using web conferencing technology, from 7 to 9 p.m., from January 9 through February 13. Joining in after start date is possible since each class is recorded.

McInnis describes the program as ideal for women that are sick of yo-yo dieting, want to move away from rules and calorie counting, are eating emotionally or are struggling with body image. The class will focus on how to identify and shift out of food cravings, and on the physiological and cognitive processes of how the body responds to thoughts and food. Participants will practice conscious eating and self-acceptance amidst social and media pressure.

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