Finding the Silver Lining in Grey Divorce

Older couple standing not facing each other against bright blue sky with clouds

Aging with passion and purpose will often result in a re-evaluation of life, with a focus on making sure the future years are secure, healthy and, most importantly, happy. For an increasing number of older couples, this may mean a separation or divorce later in life.

In fact, divorce among older couples, or “Grey Divorce”, has become much more common. Family Law attorney Jennifer J. Riley explains that Grey Divorces require special attention and care because unique issues are often present. “The most common questions we answer for older clients involve the impact of a divorce on their retirement savings, or how divorce might impact their social security payments,” says Riley. “In a Grey Divorce, we need to safeguard health insurance and address long-term planning as part of the divorce process.”

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KUDOS: Attorney Jennifer J. Riley

JenniferJRiley_adj.jpgAttorney Jennifer J. Riley has been named a 2017 Rising Star in Pennsylvania by Super Lawyers magazine, and as published in Philadelphia magazine. This is the sixth consecutive year Riley has been awarded this honor.

Super Lawyers evaluates nominees using two indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement. The Rising Star distinction is an honor awarded to no more than 2.5 percent of attorneys in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Law Offices of Jennifer J. Riley are located in Blue Bell and Wayne. Each attorney at the firm provides high quality, compassionate legal services in all areas of family law, including divorce, child custody and support matters.

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Local Law Firm to Hold Community Seminars on Divorce, Custody

jenniferjriley_adjThe Law Offices of Jennifer J. Riley will offer two seminars as part of the Community Education Program at Perkiomen Valley High School, in Collegeville. Jennifer J. Riley, Esquire, will be instructing on the Economics of Divorce, from 7 to 9 p.m., May 15, and on Custody and Child Support, from 7 to 9 p.m., June 19.

The Economics of Divorce class is designed for those contemplating divorce or for those already navigating the divorce process. The class focuses on financial matters related to legal rights and obligations during divorce or custody proceedings. Attendees will learn what to expect in terms of financial considerations, support, equitable distribution of property, alimony and child support.

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Prenuptial Agreements Ease Future Legal Heartaches

10159825 - hands with rings and wedding bouquetAs wedding season approaches, many lovebirds are hesitant to discuss an important topic: prenuptial agreements. There is a misconception associated with prenuptial agreements—the idea that someone is planning for the end of a marriage. “Prenuptial agreements are actually a way to ensure that the love and respect we have at the start of our marriages will always govern our behavior,” says attorney Jennifer J. Riley, who has offices in Blue Bell and Wayne.

Riley indicates that she often drafts prenuptial agreements for clients that are clearly in love and excited for their weddings. As she explains, “The most important part of a prenuptial agreement is that the parties reach an agreement, together, before the marriage, during the time in their lives when they might very well be the most in love.

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Compassion, Care and Community: Foundations of Jennifer J. Riley’s Family Law Firm

jenniferjriley_adjJanuary is a time of transition, and, according to Jennifer J. Riley, managing attorney at the Law Offices of Jennifer J. Riley, it is a busy time in family law firms. “January is when most of us make personal promises of transformation and growth. We analyze the past year and make plans to improve in the new year. This is the time of the year when we focus on rejuvenation and health, both physical and spiritual. For many people, this is when they begin to investigate the possibility of a divorce.”

Associate Attorney Patrick Samanns notes the role of their firm in helping families in transition. “When clients come to our firm, they are often experiencing one of the most difficult times in their lives. As their lawyers, we have the opportunity to help them through this difficult time and to help give them the guidance they may need to get a fresh start,” he observes.


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