Near-Death Experience Conference Offers Rare Opportunity

The International Association for Near-Death Studies will hold its annual conference from August 29 through September 1 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, in King of Prussia—a rare opportunity, as the event is traditionally held in the western part of the U.S.  Continue reading

Jacqui & Company Opens Second Location in King of Prussia

Jacqui & Company—owned by Jacqueline “Jacqui” Cassel, an intuitive and leadership coach—recently opened a new office at 480 North Gulph Road, in King of Prussia. Cassel serves as a coach and confidant to those that know more is possible in their own lives, for their organizations and in their communities.
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Struggling with ‘Cotton Mouth’?

by Hyo Lim

cotton mouth girlDry mouth is a common problem that people face from time to time. For some people, however, dry mouth—also known as xerostomia—is a more persistent and serious condition. Patients often complain of “cotton mouth” and/or thick, sticky saliva. But what leads to this condition?
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