Flexible Options in Flexibility Therapy

by Elisa Smith

Traditional massage and basic stretching exercises may be what most people think of first when it comes to maintaining or restoring flexibility, but there are a variety of lesser known, yet highly effective, options available to BuxMont residents.
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From Healed to Healers

Personal Experiences Inspire Local Acupuncturists

by Elisa Smith

rachel rizziRachel Rizzi, M.S., L.Ac., of Great Spring Acupuncture, had such a positive experience with acupuncture as a young adult that she decided to pursue it as a career. “I felt better physically and emotionally and wanted to be able to help others in the same way,” she says.
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JULY 2015: Food Democracy, Table of Contents

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or see Table of Contents below

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Transformation Yoga Project Uses Yoga to Heal Addiction and Trauma

by Michelle Bense

TYP Michael Huggins 4

Michael Huggins

Since his firsthand experiences in stressful and traumatic situations like prison, Michael Huggins, RYT, learned that yoga can work wonders. His nonprofit, Transformation Yoga Project (TYP), now offers yoga classes in prisons and detention centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, as well as to veterans and other unique groups.
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Curing Sugar Addiction

by Julie Ann Allender

sugar addictionMost people think of drugs and alcohol as addictive substances, but few think of things like workaholism or sugar addiction, two of the most prevalent addictions today.

Sugar has recently become recognized as an addictive substance. It stimulates the same part of the brain as heroin or cocaine and can impact the body in harmful ways. It can weaken the immune system and is directly linked to diabetes, cancer, allergies, asthma, acne, tooth decay and other ailments.
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Reaping What We Sow

Preparing for a Rich Harvest of Local Natural Foods

by Reid Boyer and Michelle Bense

We are what we eat. Simple, yet profound, it means eating healthy foods leads to enjoying a healthy life. Though we are aware of this absolute truth, current lifestyles reflect convenience and rock-bottom prices at the expense of our health, environment and local farming heritage. As a society, we have globalized our diets at the cost of the extinction of numerous plant species and burdened our environment with fertilizers, pesticides and the impact of transporting food from all points of the globe.
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World T’ai Chi and Qigong Day Events

April 25

Sunset Yoga with ReflectionCelebrate with 80 other countries across the world. The goals of the day are to educate the world about the health benefits and use of the modalities in business and in healthcare, provide a global vision of cooperation for health and healing and to pay respects to the culture that brings us T’ai Chi and Qigong.

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Local Animal Rescue Resources

animal rescueIn our March 2015 issue, we focused on Animal Rights and what we can do to help creatures near and far. Here is just a short list of rescues and organizations in Bucks and Montgomery counties that make it their mission to aid animals in need.

Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

Animal Alliance
Lambertville, NJ

Bucks County SPCA

Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue

Last Chance Ranch

Luv-N-Bunns Rabbit Rescue

Main Line Animal Rescue

PAWSibilities Animal Rescue

March 2015.

MARCH 2015: Animal Rights, Table of Contents

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or see Table of Contents below

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Making the Distinction Between Depression and The ‘Blues’

by Fatemeh Mobbaseri

The difference between having major depression and merely feeling “down” depends on how severe one’s symptoms are and how long they last. It’s perfectly normal to feel sadness, grief, loneliness and lack of motivation in response to difficult life experiences, such as loss of job, an illness, death of a friend or loved one, relationship troubles or money problems. Everyone experiences the blues from time to time, but this may not necessarily mean one is clinically depressed.
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Hungry? Get Hungry for Health

by Ellensue Spicer-Jacobson

Susan Silberstein, PhD, founder and director of the Center for the Advancement in Cancer Education, has created a book packed with 157 no-guilt, easy-to-make recipes that she and her staff have put together—titled Hungry for Health. Many are recipes adapted or borrowed from researchers, clinicians and recovered patients that the author has re-created to address a variety of needs that pertain to her four principles of healthful eating without sacrificing good taste.

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