Personal Reflections: The Art of Breast Massage

by Lyn Hicks

My gynecologist told me long ago to massage my breasts so I could find lumps and changes in them. I didn’t do it very much, because who wants to find a lump? I would not be honest about it, either—I knew it was important, but the premise created fear, not sacredness of understanding my body. I know many woman feel the same.

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Second Annual Vibrant Living Festival Hosted by The Room at Meadowbrook


Classes, workshops and experiences in the healing and expressive arts are just some of the activities offered at this year’s Vibrant Living Festival, which takes place October 7 on the grounds of The Room at Meadowbrook, in Ottsville. The festival will run from noon until 4:30 p.m., ending in a Sound Healing Experience that begins at 5 p.m.

The event will be a day of vibrant living with activities such as Aharaj Yoga, gentle yoga, reflexology, reiki, energy workshops, nutrition, jin shin jyutsu, holistic animal healing, card reading and more. Healthy, organic food options will be made available as attendees enjoy the beauty of the farm’s gardens to enhance the day’s healing experience. Merchants with healing tools, gifts and services are invited to register for a table for a fee of $20.

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Lyn Hicks’ The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman

by Carrie Jackson

BR_LynHicks-LotusCoverIn The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman, Bucks County-based author Lyn Hicks offers a fresh perspective on the intricate and beautifully complex female body, mind and spirit. Drawing from personal experiences, ancient wisdom, current research and time-honored practices, Hicks eloquently and articulately reminds women of their gifts and encourages readers to connect with their deepest selves.

Much of the book focuses on having women honor their nurturing, empathetic, emotional side instead of fighting it. Hicks also encourages women to use their sexual and creative energy for self-development and empowerment, and gives them permission to be alluring, playful, meandering and sensual. This energy can help women to feel more authentic, inspired and alive.

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Vibrant Living Festival For People and Their Companion Pets

21657548 - give me five - dog pressing his paw against a woman handSuzanne Walski, doctor of veterinary medicine and owner of Meadowbrook Animal Healing, and Lyn Hicks, who co-created The Room at Meadowbrook with Walski, will host a Vibrant Living Festival for people and their companion pets at The Room at Meadowbrook, in Ottsville, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., on October 8, to celebrate the many ways healthy living can be experienced by people and their furry friends. Leashed, well-behaved dogs are invited to attend with their human companions.

The gathering will bring together many different healing and expressive art practitioners in one space. Classes and workshops will be offered free throughout the day, and healing services will be available for a fee. Offerings include yoga, qigong, women’s health, reflexology and aurasoma with jin shin jyutsu. Animal lectures and demonstrations will include chiropractic, acupuncture, Bach Flower Remedy and nutrition. Healthy snacks, made by a local nutritionist, will be available for purchase. The event will culminate in a sound healing experience. “This is an event where people can learn to take better care of their own health, and also learn how many of the same healing practices can be applied to their pets,” states Walski.

Walski has been serving the Pennsylvania community since 1987. She worked at several animal hospitals before opening Meadowbrook Animal Hospital. In 2000, she added chiropractic care, and in 2005, she became a practitioner of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine acupuncture. As her services evolved, so did the hospital, becoming Meadowbrook Animal Healing. Walski provides holistic healing for pets, including animal reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy, Bach Flower Remedy and individualized nutrition consultations.

Cost: $10/admission. Location: 4089 Durham Rd. (Rte. 412), Ottsville. For more information, call 215-813-4073, email or visit

October 2016

The Art of Relaxation with Lyn Hicks

EB_LynHicks-Relaxation_0916Lyn Hicks, health and beauty mentor at The Room at Meadowbrook, in Ottsville, is offering a four-week workshop, The Art of Relaxation, from 7 to 8 p.m., on Tuesday evenings, starting September 13 and ending October 4. Hicks will teach valuable and practical techniques she learned from four Himalayan masters to activate the parasympathetic nervous system––the restorative part of our innate health system––in order to retrain the human body to be in a state of awareness and relaxation.

The practical tools offered will support weight loss, stress management, anxiety reduction, body awareness and the state of being present, and will also increase daily pleasure and a sense of joy. Hicks, sharing about the process, says, “Learning how the body feels when it’s in a genuine, relaxed state, and learning how to apply practical techniques to achieve that feeling within minutes is a valuable tool. It allows us to naturally achieve this state throughout the day, so that well-being and rejuvenation become habits of the body system.”

Hicks is the published author of The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman and a blog writer on health, well-being and practical living. She educates women and men in ways to relax and enjoy life, through tai chi, Aharaj yoga, nutrition, tantra of harmonious relationships, movement and energy management. Hicks also hosts a monthly woman’s circle.

“We are all in too much adrenal stress with cortisol flooding our bodies. Oxytocin, the hormone of relaxation, is the antidote that shifts us into the rejuvenation, restoration and renewal of the body,” explains Hicks. “Relaxation is the magic cure. Beautifully, the body wants health and will naturally bring in this state as we jump-start it with our awareness.”

Cost: $15. Location: 4089 Durham Rd., Ottsville. R.S.V.P. to Lyn@HarmonyHill For more information, call 215-813-4073 or visit

September 2016

Dragon Gate T’ai Chi Ch’uan Comes to Greenshire

Lyn Hicks - Greenshire NB

        Lyn Hicks

Lyn Hicks, trained in Dragon Gate T’ai Chi Ch’uan, raja yoga and ancient feminine cultures of Egypt, India and Persia, joins the faculty at Greenshire Arts Consortium to inspire individuals to unfold to their ultimate healthy selves.

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Happiness! How does one cultivate this?

Original work submitted by Lyn Hicks, Harmony Hill Gardens *

The illusive happiness that one seeks is truly right around at any given moment. It is a state, a way of being that can be created when awareness becomes forefront.

The definiton is telling:


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