March 2016 : Eye Health & Bodywork

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Letter from the Publisher, March 2016

Human beings have a collective fascination with our own eyes. While sight is just one of the five senses, it maintains a universal primacy in how we understand, interpret and communicate with the world. In so many cultures, the eyes represent the essential nature of connection to self, others, soul and spirit.

Eyes have been a recurring theme in my life: my great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather were optometrists who gave eye exams in people’s homes on the Lower East Side during the turn of the century. My family still owns and operates Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs and Wink Optical, a chain of local optical shops that they founded over 125 years ago. In this issue, we hear from one of their best and brightest opticians about how technology is helping to bring greater clarity to how people see.

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Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center Hosts Teacher Training Info Session

Anahata YogaAnahata Yoga and Wellness Center will host a free information session about its upcoming 200-Hour Anahata Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) program from 11 a.m. until noon on March 5, at its Harleysville studio.
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Doylestown Food Market Presents Just Eat It

dtown market just eat itDoylestown Food Market will present the first feature of its annual Farm Fresh Film Series at 7 p.m. on March 10, at the County Theater, in Doylestown. Just Eat It, a documentary about food waste, traces the experiences of the filmmakers, who, after learning of the billions of dollars’ worth of food that is tossed out each year in North America, pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive only on foods that would otherwise have been thrown away.
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Multifaceted Practitioner Teaches Ancient Art of Face Reading

art gutkinArt Gutkin, founder of Medintuitive Holistic Healing Center, will present a Mein Shiang seminar and learning session from 2 to 4 p.m., on March 20, at the Medintuitive Center, in North Wales.

Participants will learn the basics of this 3,000-year-old Chinese art, developed by the Taoist monks. Useful to practitioners and laypeople alike, Mein Shiang allows the face reader to understand the personality of the individual through observation of the lines of the face, shape of the lips, eyes, ears, nose and various other facial features.
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See and Be Seen

Putting Optical Care in Perspective with Joe Reganato


joe reganatoYou are a professional, licensed optician. What’s your favorite part about your profession?

I’ve been a professional optician for 25 years. I love to share what I know to help people look good and see well. When people have problems with their vision or their vision changes, that really impacts their life. Being able to help someone when they are experiencing those kinds of issues is very gratifying—like when I see a patient in their mid-forties who suddenly can’t read the menu, or their eyes are really tired and teary at the end of the day. When I collaborate with the optometrist, we can help restore comfortable, clear vision to them and really improve their quality of life.
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Learn Seed Nutrition at Soul Spirit Connection

seed nutrition soul spiritSoul Spirit Connection will offer free Seed Nutrition classes at 7 p.m. on March 7 and 21, at its studio in Hatboro.

Seeds are a hot topic in nutrition, and the supermarkets are full of options—from chia to hemp, pumpkin to flax. These short evening seminars explain the essence of seed nutrition and how to incorporate seeds into your life for optimal health and healing.
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New Flagship Office for Natural Awakenings Magazine

new NA officeNatural Awakenings magazine of Bucks and Montgomery counties has a new office space at The Archways Professional Building, at 419 Johnson Street, in Abington Township. The office is located one half of a block from Old York Road and West Avenue, in the heart of Jenkintown Borough.
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Health is in the ‘Eye’ of the Beholder

Iridology and Sclerology Help Detect Whole-Body Issues

by Michelle Bense

health in eye of beholderWhile proper eye health in itself contributes to improved vision, some specialized practitioners examine the appearance of the eyes to extrapolate the state of other health conditions and systems in the body. These professionals study the colored part, or iris, of the eye—a field known as iridology—and the whites, or sclera, of the eye—known as sclerology.
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Local Focus on Practitioner Tina Stashko

by Maryann Lawrence

tina stashkoTina Stashko’s interest in natural health and healing, which began in the 1970s, led to a fascinating journey of lifelong learning. In pursuit of an education in iridology, the ancient art of reading the iris, and sclerology, the art of reading the whites of the eyes, the founder of Natural Health Promotion, LLC, has traveled throughout the United States and Canada to learn about numerous healing modalities, several of which she now specializes in.
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GSL Organics Skincare Now in Kimberton Whole Foods

GSL OrganicsGSL Organics, the exclusive natural skincare line created and produced locally at Green Street Luxuries Spa and Boutique, in Lansdale, will now be available for purchase at area Kimberton Whole Food Markets in Kimberton, Ottsville, Douglassville, Downington and Malvern.
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