JUNE 2015: Healing Addiction, Table of Contents

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Healthy Skin Care for Beginners

by Renee LeMasney

Proper care of the skin—the largest organ in the body—is vital to overall health. One of the fastest growing trends in skin care at the moment is the expansion of personal care products formulated specifically for men. Those looking to up their skin care game—both men and women—should begin with these simple tips for healthy, younger looking skin.

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The Go-To Guy’s Guide to Staying Healthy

by L. Matthew Schwartz

The “go-to guy” has all the answers. He is in demand and he expects results. When health slips and we are no longer up to par, lacking energy or stamina, feeling stressed and unable to sleep, our work and social life is greatly affected. Often, some common-sense adjustments to lifestyle will provide surprising benefits. There are six pillars of wellness—and some attention to each can pay off in a big way.

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Natural Tips for Men’s Sexual Health

by Julie Lachman

Anyone who has turned on the television lately can tell that unfortunately, many men of various ages suffer from erectile and hormonal dysfunction. Some of the main causes of impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) include heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone, stress, depression, smoking and certain medications—especially those for high blood pressure, cholesterol and depression. Many men believe that the only cure is the “little blue pill”, but there are other, natural ways to treat these issues.

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Yoga is for Everyone, No Excuses

by David van Zwieten

Yoga has the potential to be a seriously beneficial workout—especially when the yoga class offers a sequence of a variety of physical poses. The practice builds not only stronger muscles, but also longer ones—a key component to staying healthy and injury-free. Yoga can be adapted to suit virtually everyone, of all ages, genders and abilities. Despite the countless benefits of a regular yoga practice, many people—and especially men—have reasons for refraining from trying yoga. Of all the excuses, there are three that are most often heard.

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