Mindfully Musical: 5 Ways to Start

1. Explore new styles of music that you normally don’t listen to. Select a different station every day for a week. Make a note of your favorite new songs and artists and how they make you feel.

2. Connect with your own singing voice—sign up for a session with a voice teacher; participate in a kirtan concert at a local studio; sing along as you fold laundry or sit in traffic. Try to focus on the feeling of the vibrations in the head and jaw, and notice how your energy and mood shift.

3. Experiment with listening to different types of music at various times of the day. Try a downtempo selection while preparing dinner and a brighter, more upbeat sound for the morning routine.

4. Attend a sound healing workshop, or book a few private sessions. Observe your experience before, during and after the sessions, paying attention to your stress level and heart rate.

5. Find a community drum circle in your area. Close your eyes and feel the vibrations moving through your body. See if you can “hear” the different types of drums. Consider taking a lesson, or just learning
by doing.