Retrain the Brain with LENS

by Jeffrey Rutstein

What is LENS? 

Low energy neurofeedback system, or LENS, was developed by Len Ochs, Ph.D, in the early 1990’s as a drug-free and highly effective method to enhance brain functioning and flexibility. This safe and effective technique uses faint electromagnetic impulses to the scalp to retrain the brain. In the over 20 years since its introduction, this painless and noninvasive procedure has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals decrease anxiety, increase and improve attention and concentration, reduce depression, increase overall energy and enhance creativity and the ability to be present.

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The Go-To Guy’s Guide to Staying Healthy

by L. Matthew Schwartz

The “go-to guy” has all the answers. He is in demand and he expects results. When health slips and we are no longer up to par, lacking energy or stamina, feeling stressed and unable to sleep, our work and social life is greatly affected. Often, some common-sense adjustments to lifestyle will provide surprising benefits. There are six pillars of wellness—and some attention to each can pay off in a big way.

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Natural Tips for Men’s Sexual Health

by Julie Lachman

Anyone who has turned on the television lately can tell that unfortunately, many men of various ages suffer from erectile and hormonal dysfunction. Some of the main causes of impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) include heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone, stress, depression, smoking and certain medications—especially those for high blood pressure, cholesterol and depression. Many men believe that the only cure is the “little blue pill”, but there are other, natural ways to treat these issues.

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Secrets to Naturally Relieving Stress


Tips from our friends in the BuxMont community

“Practicing conscious breathing helps relieve stress. Concentrate on being in the now and follow the breath in, all the way down to the diaphragm. Feel the belly expand and then contract while slowly exhaling ten times; this shifts the focus and lessens stress. This works in all kinds of situations, and can be done without anyone noticing. In addition, doing this before eating can totally change digestion, often eliminating heart burn and gas.”

Ann Murphy
New Approach Wellness

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Healing From Within with Ayurveda

by Michelle Bense

Ayurvedic medicine, commonly called Ayurveda, is an ancient healing system from India that focuses on the prevention of illness and the body’s ability to naturally heal itself. The term Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means “life knowledge.” The more we know about our specific type of body, the better and healthier we may lead our lives.
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