Letter from the Publisher, November 2015

My house is not so cute. Any realtor or HDTV host would say it “lacks curb appeal”.

It’s an ugly duckling among swans in historic Wyncote, with its soaring 19th-century Victorian mansions that look like they came right out of the pages of an architectural history textbook. My house, on the other hand, looks like it arrived in a time capsule from the 1950s—and it hasn’t aged well.

When I first saw it on Zillow, I almost passed it over completely. But my deeper wisdom prevailed: when I got past the exterior facade, I realized it was a great choice for my family. The home offered what we needed, in the location we wanted, and at a price we could afford. Continue reading

Fall Psychic Fair for Charity

psychic fairThe eighth annual Fall Psychic Fair for Charity will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 7, at the James Lorah House Auditorium, in Doylestown. The event will include readings from local and guest psychics, Reiki and vibrational healing, and lectures every hour, beginning at noon.
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Green Street Luxuries and GSL Organics

Skin Care Made Locally, Naturally

by Michelle Bense

gsl productsCandy Pack, a certified aromatherapist, began Green Street Luxuries out of the need to help her own family’s skin problems. “It started to become a business before I knew it was going to be a business,” laughs Pack. When her youngest son was born with severe eczema 24 years ago, she was appalled by the medicines and creams the doctor prescribed to put on her infant’s open wounds. “I read that piece of paper that it came with, front and back—I had to use a magnifying glass because the print was so small.” When she read all the harsh chemicals contained in the tube, Pack says she “threw it right in the trash. I was not putting that on my infant—I wouldn’t put it on myself.”
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The Benefits of Fruit-Enzyme Facials

by Jeannine Modica

fruit enzyme facialsFruit enzyme peels are made up of a blend of natural fruit ingredients to dissolve dead skin cells, speed up the cellular renewal process and contribute to a more vital, healthy complexion. There is a fruit-based peel for every skin type—even those with the most sensitive skin.
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Share Your Inner Light at Inner Light Expo

The Inner Light Spiritual Holistic Expo will be held on November 7 and 8 at the historical Sunnybrook Ballroom, in Pottstown. Now in its fifth year, the event will feature 70 vendors from across the East Coast displaying spiritual items and offering holistic services, including massage therapy, Reiki, readings, reflexology, chiropractic, jewelry, crystals and more. Attendees can also enjoy a diverse offering of free lectures.
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DIRT! The Movie Concludes Farm Fresh Film Series

dirt the movieThe Doylestown Food Market (formerly the Doylestown Food Co-Op), and the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance will conclude their 2015 Farm Fresh Film Series with a screening of Dirt! The Movie—directed by Gene Rosow and Bill Benenson and narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis—at 7:30 p.m., November 12, at the County Theater, in Doylestown.
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Teeth Grinding: Causes and Treatments

by Hyo Lim

“…there will the weeping and grinding of teeth be.” (Matt. 25:30, Byington)

teeth grindingA sign of the last days for many—and an epidemic of broken and worn teeth for dentists. Bible prophecy aside, there is a real dental health issue with people grinding their teeth. Young and old, male and female, abnormal wearing of teeth can present a variety of tooth and jaw problems. But what causes someone to grind their teeth and what damage can this activity create in the mouth?

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Healthy Hair, Healthy You

Look At Your Labels

by Cherise Morello-Pons

Anyone interested in living a toxin-free life should become accustomed to reading the labels on their hair care products. The back of each bottle should clearly indicate all of the product’s ingredients.
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Grand Opening of Jenkintown Hot Yoga

jtown hot yoga logoJenkintown Hot Yoga, a studio offering Bikram yoga classes, is now open at 409 Old York Road. The studio, which currently offers 22 classes a week to fit a variety of schedules, has three showers for yogis on the go and a hot room that can hold up to 60 practitioners.
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Feeding True Personal Wealth

A Personal Reflection

by Barbara Meza

feeding personal wealthFor many years when I was younger, I worked long hours daily and sometimes up to seven days a week. I was educated, became a young single mother and made choices. From the start, with a skewed idea of what was important, employment decisions were made based upon skills, commitment and obligation. I followed the money, acquiring jobs I liked and oftentimes enjoyed, but that did not fulfill personal desire.
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