Preparing for Past Life Regression Therapy: Getting Inside, but Not In Over, Your Head

by Elaine Berk


Some people wish to do Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) work but have anxiety about the process and what they will learn about themselves. For many, anxiety about the unknown is a normal response. Knowing more about what kind of professional should be sought and what the process involves will help people as they consider this kind of therapy.

PLRT is powerful work, and healing and transformation usually continue after the session for days, weeks and sometimes months as the experience and healing are integrated. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced professional, preferably someone that has the background and credentials in PLRT and psychotherapy to assist in any issues that arise during or after sessions.

During a PLRT session, a therapist guides the participant to retrieve and (re)experience past life information that comes to them by way of all six senses. As that process unfolds, a slow unraveling of what occurred in that lifetime will come into awareness, bit by bit, in the form of mental pictures, emotions and intuitive insights as the journey of that lifetime becomes increasingly clear.

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Here I Go… Again… How Past Life Regression Therapy Sets Us Free

40505846 - a woman embraces her image in the mirror

by Elaine Berk

To many in our Western culture, Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) may seem like a far-fetched solution to achieving one’s best self, but more than 25 percent of Americans report believing in reincarnation. Many more are open to the possibility of believing… because they just “don’t know.”

The growing popularity of PLRT is not hard to understand. Many who undergo this therapeutic process experience profound emotional and physical healing around present life experiences and relationships, and leave the sessions feeling a deeper understanding of themselves, both as individuals and in relation to others. The result is often a shift in perspective that enables them to live out their current lives more meaningfully, with greater freedom and deeper peace. For those that do believe in reincarnation, PLRT provides a sense of oneself as an eternal being. For those that don’t believe, the result is still overwhelmingly positive.

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An Evolved Approach for the Evolving Soul: Elaine Berk’s Integrative Therapy

crg_evolvingsoul-elaineberk_0316Elaine Berk, owner of Evolving Soul, LLC, has a desire to make a positive and immediate difference in the lives of her clients. On her journey toward spiritual awakening, she discovered that alternative routes can sometimes take you right where you need to go.

What services do you provide, and what are your qualifications?

Evolving Soul offers non-traditional, alternative, short-term therapies for healing, such as past life regression (PLR) therapy, energy psychology (EP) and tapping, and crystal-light-color therapy. Results can be achieved in one or a handful of sessions.

My background includes a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Temple University and years of practicing as a psychotherapist. I am a certified hypnotherapist and PLR therapist, have trained extensively in EP, and am honored to be one of a select few granted permission to bring crystal bed therapy to this area.


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