On the Other Side of Words

I have been thinking lately about words and how they fit into our world of communication. My 24-year-old son, Sean, tells me I need a college course in texting so he can make sense of what I’m trying to say when I speak with my fingers. On self-examination—and the evidence before me—I have to plead guilty as charged.

I have had numerous people tell me they don’t understand my email. It has been pointed out to me, mostly by my editor, that I have a “Joe Dunne mind speak” when I hastily shoot out emails. Again, guilty.

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Letter from the Publisher, February 2018

Hello! to anyone reading this letter. My name is Joe Dunne, and my wife, Asta, and I are the new proud owners of Natural Awakenings magazine of Bucks and Montgomery counties of PA.

Before I start on me and my background, I would like to thank Karen for the more than spectacular work she has performed over her three-year ownership. Not only has she grown the magazine, she has also recruited a talented and dedicated support staff in Melanie, Julie, Kevin and Megan (all of whom are staying with us), and together they have made a difference. Karen’s outreach to the community, her dedication to her advertisers and her attention to editorial content so our readers continue to love us, are second to none. I am almost scared to try to fill her shoes. I know you will all join me in applauding her efforts, and wishing her well, as she designs her new life’s path. Making a difference matters in my world. And Karen, you have made a difference; we thank you. (I know she will still be an avid reader of this magazine.)

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Letter from the Publisher, August 2013

Recently, I took some time away from my computer to spend with my family. One of the highlights was attending an annual Taiwanese American Conference in Lancaster that my family has been involved with since before I was born. This year I had the pleasure of introducing my own children to this part of my life, which means so much to me, so that they too can share in its greater sense of community.

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Letter from the Publisher, July 2013

Summer brings fresh, tasty local food in abundance. In my book, there is nothing like it. Our family loves to work in our own garden as well as at a local orchard and Community Supported Agriculture venture that supplement our backyard harvests.

headshotWhen I was pregnant with my first child I remember eating pounds and more pounds of blueberries. So I’m thrilled to offer blueberry-rich recipes from members of the Doylestown Food Coop in the July 2013 issue. Continue reading