Teen Voices: A Call to Climate Change Action

by Hannah Adamson

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: a mantra repeated in efforts to save our planet that is slowly being destroyed by humankind. As societies have industrialized and technology has progressed, our Earth has become more and more polluted. With rapid population growth and increased consumption, nature has been suffering—deforestation, overfishing, species extinction, global warming, pollution—the list goes on. These unintended consequences threaten the livelihood of “tomorrow’s generation”; recent reports released by the United Nations warn that we have only about a decade until the damage to the climate is irreversible. Continue reading

Fun and practical Kids’ Project with Fuse Beads (aka Perler Beads)

ImageEver buy one of those econo-packs of Perler/Fuse beads that have 20,000 beads in them and wonder how many flowers, horses, and dogs you’ll have to iron before you get through them all? Well, here’s a project that will allow you to use a lot of beads all at once and make something useful as well. We just gave ours to the kids’ teachers and they       L-O-V-E-D them!

Start with these 3 things: Continue reading

Local Article: WashTyme Makes Biodiesel Even Cleaner

by Andrew Rumbold

Many people are somewhat familiar with biodiesel, a biodegradable replacement for petroleum diesel fuel that is made from any vegetable oil and can be used in virtually any diesel engine or home-heating furnace without modifying the equipment. One of biodiesel’s main benefits is that it can be made from the recycled fryer oil of local restaurants. Of course, any vegetable oil that is liquid at room temperature works, including unused, or virgin, oils; soy and canola are the most common types used. Additionally, biodiesel is cleaner burning than petroleum, the exhaust smells much better and has a higher flash point (making it less likely to combust). Yet, because most folks don’t know much about the process of making biodiesel, they have no idea that one of its byproducts can be just as useful. Continue reading