The Local Bookcase: MotherBirth

Have a Positive Journey into Motherhood

by Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

MotherBirth coverMotherBirth is author/photographer Sandy Taylor’s journey into motherhood and its positive impact on her life and the life of her child. She expands on how the childbirth experience affects a child’s entire life, both positively and negatively. Taylor’s description of positive births in a loving environment, punctuated by her black and white photos, demonstrates that while mother and child are separate beings, during pregnancy and the birth experience, the two beings are one unit.

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The Local Bookcase: Healthy is Delicious

Healthy Cooking Can Be Delicious

by Audrey Chen

Healthy is Delicious coverWhile print book sales have been falling, the cookbook category has been growing. The economy is stagnant and more people are staying home and learning how to cook. In Healthy is Delicious: More Than a Cookbook, local author Kathleen Downey shares her recipes and knowledge for eating right and keeping sickness at bay.
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Movie Review: Yogawoman Documentary Film Review

Reviewed by Diana Hwang

We all know that yoga is good for us, but do we all really do what is good for us and do we know how and why it works? The inspiring 83-minute documentary film, Yogawoman, which opened in October 2012, and has been available on DVD since late 2011, demystifies the world of yoga and captures the essence of what it means to embrace yoga in one’s life. The DVD is produced by Second Nature Films and Yogakula Productions and narrated by award-winning actor Annette Bening, an avid yoga practitioner herself. Continue reading