Free Public Waldorf School Opening Fall 2016 in BuxMont

good earth charterGood Earth Charter School—a free, public Waldorf-methods school serving the Bucks and Montgomery counties—will open in the fall of 2016, and is currently seeking pre-enrollments for kindergarten through grade 2. The school will be one of three of its kind on the entire East Coast. The school is currently searching for the perfect location surrounded by nature.
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Innovative High School Teaches Teenagers to Lead with Mindfulness

by Chrissy Sinatra

tinicum art and science logoCan meditation positively affect teenagers’ lives? At Tinicum Art and Science (TAS), high school students are learning to calm their minds, stabilize their inner worlds and tap into their creativity before entering the classroom. Encouraging a teenager’s non-judgmental awareness of themselves and their surroundings takes a safe and nurturing community that models compassion and requires active participation. Becoming more mindful helps adolescents better regulate how life circumstances impact their well-being.
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AUGUST 2014: Transformative Education, Table of Contents

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Head, Hands and Heart: A Waldorf Education

by Stephanie Smith

In the River Valley Waldorf School early childhood classrooms, there are no letters, papers and posters on the walls, no jars of pens and pencils. What is most noticeable is diffuse lighting, the welcoming scent of fresh-baked bread, tree branches, wooden tables and chairs, blocks and play kitchens, the pinks and oranges of silk scarves, the off-white of wool rugs, sewing projects made of plant-dyed felt, finger-knitted lengths of yarns, wood play stands and wooden boats that, when flipped over, double as stairs, as pillars, as islands in seas of lava.
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New Interfaith Class Accepting Applications for Fall 2013

for websiteThe School of Sacred Ministries is accepting applications for a class of seekers on a journey of interfaith study and introspection. The course will lay out the differences and similarities between faith traditions and engage students in peaceful dialog. The Reverend Brian Weis, administrator for the School of Sacred Ministries, explains that the course teaches what can bring people together and acts as both a bridge between and a celebration of differences.

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