Healthy Living Q&A Sessions at International School of Shiatsu

CRG_InternationalSchoolOfShiatsu_0117The International School of Shiatsu is holding bi-weekly Q&A sessions for anyone with questions about how to use shiatsu, health coaching and other holistic techniques for mental and physical betterment.

Held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month in Pipersville, these informal meetings are open to anyone that is curious about making lifestyle changes. The meetings are freeform, where no question is “too small or too stupid,” says Shirley Scranta, the school’s director.

“It’s a chance to explore your options,” she explains. “The more questions you ask, the more informed you are to make decisions about your life.”

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Shiatsu and Qigong as Preventative Care: Balance Chi for Self and Community

by Lauren Johnson

Shiatsu massage

It goes without saying that people need connection. Whether it be through our environment, community, friends or family, being engaged helps us thrive. However, in today’s bustling world, even connection to one’s self has its challenges. Shiatsu is one method that can help us reconnect.

The word “shiatsu” means “finger pressure” and is a specialized form of acupressure that follows meridians and pressure points in the body. It originated in China about 6,000 years ago and works with the energy of the body or chi. “Bringing the energy into balance nurtures the person on the cellular, emotional and spiritual level,” says Shirley Scranta, owner of the International School of Shiatsu, in Pipersville. “It is the integration of all these aspects that help keep a person healthy.”

Scranta explains that during a shiatsu treatment the practitioner takes time to assess the areas in the body where the chi is not flowing and then treats it accordingly. “Moving the chi is done by a combination of stretching, rotating the arms and legs and applying firm pressure,” she says.

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