Opportunity Lost: David Low Discusses Dreams as a Neglected Spiritual Resource

David Low is a dreamwork practitioner with 36 years of experience recording, analyzing and trying to feel dream messages. With a master’s degree in community counseling from Georgia State University and a doctorate in religion from Temple University, he has a counseling practice in Mt. Airy and facilitates both physical and online dream circles in the area.  Continue reading

Protecting Your Sacred Self

by Kathleen Downey

CoupleBreathingLakeOcean_31808537_lIn our culture, when we speak of protection, we are usually referring to the physical world. We imagine bundling up for winter to protect against the cold, wearing a helmet and knee pads, and home alarm systems—all of the ways that we can protect material belongings. If we understood that the spiritual, emotional realm is our primary self, and that everything in the physical world is a reflection of that, we would be mostly concerned with how to protect the most important aspect of who we are—our spiritual and emotional selves. Whether it’s from our own internal energies or the unhealthy energies of others, attaining this protection is crucial.

During the first part of that process, we learn that we aren’t alone; we have spiritual allies. Then we can venture into the unknown and learn about who we are as spiritual, emotional beings, and what our subconscious expectations are. Our subconscious has stored memory from many lifetimes. Each memory, traumatic or otherwise, has an expectation attached to it. These deeply held memories project or suggest who we are, and with our conscious minds preoccupied with daily tasks, we usually follow those subconscious suggestions. Being guided to discover our truth through a first-hand experience that allows us to pull information from our subconscious into our conscious mind is a powerful, life-changing experience.

Our spirit holds our long-held truths. What we discover with our first-hand experience in our spiritual lives is the magic that will set us free from stagnant lives, pain, depression and fear, imbalance, memory loss, the negative thoughts and energies of others, and our own disempowering, learned beliefs. Understanding, as our ancestors did, how to protect our empathetic sacred selves with knowledge; building our lives and beliefs from our spiritual strengths; overcoming these learned beliefs from soul loss and trauma—this is the “spiritual healing work” recorded in the history of every culture. The shaman’s journey is among the oldest examples of meditation and healing work for the benefit of all.

By using all of our senses to experience our spiritual strengths and challenges, we eliminate fear and doubt, because we feel the experience in safety—a deeply relaxed state where healing takes place. When we work with self-discovery tools and expand into past life therapy, forgiveness can take place, and we experience the bigger picture of our relationships.

CRG_KathleenDowney_0616Kathleen Downey is a certified practitioner of shamanic healing, counselor, past life therapist, yoga teacher, nutritionist and author of Healthy is Delicious. She is available for private sessions in Lambertville, NJ, and video conferences worldwide. She and LMT Courtney Downey will host a two-part workshop, Protecting Your Sacred Self, in Doylestown, July 15 and 24. Email CoreLevelHealing@gmail.com or visit CoreLevelHealing.net.


July 2016

Global Spiritual Leader Brings Passion Tour to Philadelphia

Sai Maa, an international spiritual master and humanitarian leader, will be in Philadelphia for a series of events titled, “Serving from the Heart,” May 17 and 18. The weekend is part of the Passion Tour, a worldwide series of events which explores passion as the essential energy to fuel a life of purpose, alignment and fulfillment. A highlight of the weekend will be a free opportunity for hundreds to receive Darshan from Maa—a rare gift from an enlightened master.

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Practice Aging Spiritually at Workshop

For those looking to bring spiritual attention to their aging process, Barbara Gordon is presenting the workshop, “Aging as a Spiritual Practice,” from 9 a.m. to noon, May 3, at Greenshire Arts Consortium, in Quakertown. The workshop will focus on cultivating wisdom, compassion and gratitude; exploring ways to maintain positive well-being and kindness in the face of challenges; and shedding old beliefs to discover a new role in our relationship to self, others and community.

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A Spiritual Walk with Horses

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Jo was nervous yet excited for her turn in the round pen with Lacy, the beautiful chestnut mare at the Horses as Healers workshop. She watched Lacy respond with enthusiasm, giving specific messages to the first three women in the group as they shared with her their goals for the future. Jo envisioned the same kind of response from Lacy, if not a better response because she was so connected to her dreams. Envisioning them in great detail was an easy task. Jo stepped into the pen and started pouring her heart out to Lacy expecting an affirmative response from the mare. To her horror, Lacy stood still looking so Continue reading