Sustainability in Action

The Doylestown Food Co-Op

dtown food coop logoSustainability could be The Doylestown Food Co-op’s middle name. The co-op is on a mission to provide food that is locally made, organic, fresh, fair trade and produced with no genetic engineering. They also seek to offer foods that are minimally packaged and produced on a small scale.
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OCTOBER 2014: Sustainable Communities, Table of Contents

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Share the Seed: Community Seed Swap

Thank you for your interest in our first Community Seed Swap on Saturday, May 3, 9-11am at Doylestown Fresh!

Come to our Community Seed Exchange  Share the Seed May14-page-001

According to Vegetable Gardening in the Northeast by Marie Iannotti, May is a great month to plant sweet potatoes, beans, broccoli raab, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, melon, okra, pumpkin, rutabaga, and squash.

Bring your well-labeled seeds with growing instructions as well as empty containers to bring home your newly acquired seeds. Informal, easy-going get-together. Swap, Learn and Share! Contests and prizes.

Learn from experts on these topics:
9:15-9:40 How does your garden grow?
9:45-10:10 Composting 101
10:15-10:40 Gardening and CSAs
10:45-11:00 Bees, what’s the Buzz about?

Please do not bring:
1. seed you’ve collected from hybrid plants, as it won’t grow true to type.
2. If the seeds are older than 2-4 years old, they may not be viable. Some seeds (onions, leeks, parsnips, celery, spinach, salsify) are only good for a year unless stored especially well.
3. And of course, please do not bring any GMO seed.

No seed? No problem! Come, learn, and go home with some seeds to sow.

Here’s what you can expect:

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An Expanded View on Living Green

by Lyn Hicks
The concept of living green traditionally refers to reducing our carbon footprint and the use of the Earth’s natural resources. A more expansive approach could include considering how the choices we make every day affect both the planet and our individual ecosystem. The right choices move us toward a state of greater personal health and help the Earth; the wrong choices hurt both.

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A Spiritual Walk with Horses

Pamela Lee leads local programs to unite the equine and human worlds on a spiritual level. She employs horses to help awaken the genuine inner self and facilitate deep, inner-soul work,. Lee’s unique program helps participants to overcome self-judgment and to live in the present and feel secure in their vulnerability. Continue reading

New Collaboration offers Relationship Workshop

The Possibility Coaches, Jon Satin and Chris Pattay, are collaborating with The Bliss Mistress, Edie Weinstein, to offer what they have learned in more than 50 years of combined professional experience in the field. The trio will facilitate a workshop, Creating Healthy and Fulfilling Relationships, from 2 to 6 p.m., June 23, at Circle of Miracles, in New Britain. This workshop will cover communication skills Continue reading

Locals Offer Tips on How to Sustain Happiness

The illusive happiness that one seeks is truly accessible at any given moment. It is a state; a way of being that can be created when awareness becomes primary; when finding the emotion of pleasure, contentment and joy becomes important in every moment. Often, as we rush around, getting tasks done and moving at a quick pace, it seem unattainable. Yet it Continue reading

Connecting Dads and Daughters

by Nicole Ricchetti, MA, LMFT

One of life’s greatest relationships is between a father and a daughter. However, not every father knows how to connect with his little girl.

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Heaven and Earth, Light and Sound

tami and bobTami Trapp and Bob Rowlands collaborate with their individual spiritual healing abilities to allow for a uniquely deep and balanced healing experience, called Heaven & Earth, Light & Sound. Heaven & Earth sessions are recommended, in particular, for those who feel nudged to let go of the old stories that defined them in order to make space for a new story. Rowlands, a Reiki master teacher, is a gifted natural Continue reading

River Valley Waldorf School Offers Three Summer Camps

River Valley Waldorf School, in Upper Black Eddy, is offering three different summer camps to satisfy children ages 3 to 12. The camps are consistent with the child-centered practices and principles of Waldorf Education.

Campers ages 3 to 6 can enjoy ample time playing outdoors and in the water; they also learn baking, craft-making and other creative pursuits including creating puppet stories. This camp is also offered at the Waldorf Morning Glory Doylestown campus. Continue reading

Natural Awakenings Publishers Gather at Annual Conference

2013 conf photoNatural Awakenings publishers from throughout the nation, attending in person or via live webinars, came together from May 3 to 5 for the company’s annual conference, held at the Naples Bay Resort, in Naples, Florida. At the event, Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp. founder and CEO Sharon Bruckman said, “We’re here to support each other, sharing our hearts and energy to lift our magazines and communities to a higher level.” Continue reading