Transformation Yoga Project Uses Yoga to Heal Addiction and Trauma

by Michelle Bense

TYP Michael Huggins 4

Michael Huggins

Since his firsthand experiences in stressful and traumatic situations like prison, Michael Huggins, RYT, learned that yoga can work wonders. His nonprofit, Transformation Yoga Project (TYP), now offers yoga classes in prisons and detention centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, as well as to veterans and other unique groups.
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A Spiritual Walk with Horses

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Jo was nervous yet excited for her turn in the round pen with Lacy, the beautiful chestnut mare at the Horses as Healers workshop. She watched Lacy respond with enthusiasm, giving specific messages to the first three women in the group as they shared with her their goals for the future. Jo envisioned the same kind of response from Lacy, if not a better response because she was so connected to her dreams. Envisioning them in great detail was an easy task. Jo stepped into the pen and started pouring her heart out to Lacy expecting an affirmative response from the mare. To her horror, Lacy stood still looking so Continue reading