Holistic Alternatives to Pain—Local Voices: TRACY MCGOVERN, Reflexology

LV_EssentialConnections-TracyMcGovern_0617How does reflexology work to address pain?

Reflexology works with the nervous system. The action of a reflexology session directly addresses the more than 8,000 nerve endings in the feet. Through the alternating pressure of reflexology technique, your nerves become relaxed, and a few wonderful outcomes occur.

As your nerves relax, pain naturally subsides. Sometimes this is temporary symptom relief. Depending on the situation this can be enough to allow the body to create more permanent relief. In this state, your body is triggered to move into physiological relaxation, which is essentially “maintenance mode”. While in this mode, your body kicks into self-repair, and that is the real magic. General inflammation is reduced and your body is allowed the time and energy to work to heal itself.

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Reflexology Practitioner Program Hosts Monthly Open Houses

EB_EssentialConnections-2_0616Tracy McGovern, owner, practitioner and instructor at Essential Connections Reflexology & Reiki, will offer a Reflexology Practitioner Program (150-hour foundations course), with both weekend and evening options, beginning in fall, 2016. To educate those interested in the program, she will host open houses to offer time to meet the instructors, chat with graduates of the programs, get details and ask questions, at 7 p.m., June 29; 7 p.m., July 28; and 11 a.m., August 20, in Ottsville. The open houses are free, but require registration.

The practitioner program is designed in two parts to allow students to begin working in the field as soon as possible, while also having the chance to complete a full, 300-hour program—the national standard. The program is dedicated to facilitating practitioners with a firm foundation and knowledge that will empower them to welcome the intuitive side of holistic practice. It is about producing practitioners with the critical thinking and openness to be able to grow into their own abilities.

Discussion and information regarding the business side of a holistic practice will be part of the program, useful to those planning to create their own practice, work for others or even apply their skills to friends and family.

“Truly, reflexology is a tool of empowerment—empowering the human body to seek its full potential and empowering people to reconnect, understand and participate in their own healing and wellness potential,” says McGovern. “The simplicity of reflexology shrouds the near-magical effectiveness of its function. The awareness and growth that comes from learning or receiving reflexology always seems to exceed all beginning expectations.”

Essential Connections Reflexology & Reiki serves the local area to help people reach their full potential of health, utilizing traditional foot reflexology and intuitive reiki as well as a few new additions: Tibetan healing modalities, head and neck, reflex therapy and neuro-foot reflex therapy.

Locations: The Room at Meadowbrook, 4089 Durham Rd., Ottsville, and Quakertown Integrated Health Center, 600 W. Broad St., Quakertown. For more information, call 215-858-8195, email Tracy@EssentialConnections.biz or visit EssentialConnections.biz.

June 2016

Learn to Use Reflexology for Improved Health

Beginning in September, the Reflexology Practitioner Program will teach participants the gentle, healing art of reflexology and how to become a facilitator of wellness. The program is a six-month, 120-hour beginner level program that prepares the student to practice foot reflexology. Students will learn the history, theory and skills of reflexology as well as complementary concepts and wellness business basics.

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