Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

lose weightOften, for many trying to slim down, dieting and exercise don’t produce results, or the pounds don’t stay lost for long. Although lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise are important in maintaining a healthy weight, there are many other factors that need to be considered. When addressing any function of the body, a wholistic or functional approach must be taken—looking at the mind/body as an integrated, synergistic organism that sometimes acquires faults or blocks that interfere with health goals. Continue reading

Nutrition and Weight Loss

It’s Not Just Calories. What We Eat Matters.

by Daniel Lebowitz

daniel lebowitzMost people believe a very simple concept. In order to lose weight, calories taken in must be less than calories burned on a daily basis. This is not entirely wrong. The laws of physics cannot be broken. If one eats 500 calories a day and is alive, they are going to lose weight. That being said, nutrition and weight loss are much more complex than this oversimplification. Let’s delve into why.
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FEBRUARY 2015: Enlightened Relationships, Table of Contents

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Keeping New Year’s Resolutions with Hypnosis

by Barry Wolfson

wolfsonMany folks choose the new year as a time to make a new start. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, yet almost none of us keep them. Although we are usually very sincere, the problem is that we try to tough it out alone, using sheer willpower. However, many of the resolutions involve long-term habits and are difficult to change without help.
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