200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in North Wales

Whole Body Yoga Studio presents yoga instructor Vladamir Tcharov, from Pranakriya School of Healing Arts, who will lead a 200-hour yoga teacher training. The training will be offered through nine intensive weekend sessions, taking place September 7 to 9, October 12 to 14, November 2 to 4, December 7 to 9, January 11 to 13, February 8 to 10, March 1 to 3, April 5 to 7 and May 3 to 5. Continue reading

Open House and Gratitude Celebration at Whole Body Yoga Studio

whole body yoga studio logoWhole Body Yoga Studio will host an open house celebration from December 4 through 6 at the studio’s Healing Arts Center, in North Wales. The event will begin at 6:30 p.m. on December 4, with Flowing Yoga and Kirtan led by Shakti Devi and owner Patty Ferry.
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A Conversation with Patty Ferry, Owner of Whole Body Yoga Studio

whole body yogaWhat is your mission and vision at Whole Body Yoga, in relation to helping people be healthier and live longer?

Our mission is to have classes for every body type and all levels of yoga. Yoga is a beautiful way to balance your life. Each class offers breathing techniques, yoga poses and relaxation. Savasana (relaxation) is the most important part of the class—this is the time the body heals itself.
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