Wink Optical Welcomes New Optometrist ‘Home’

NB_Wink_StaceyFilippoTyran_0417Wink Optical welcomes a new resident optometrist, Dr. Stacey Filippo Tyran, to its eyecare boutique in Jenkintown. Filippo is a Langhorne native who, after receiving her undergraduate degree from University of Delaware, decided to follow her father’s footsteps into optometry. She attended and graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry (currently Salus University) in Elkins Park, and has been in private practice locally for over 20 years.

Filippo is pleased to be serving the community so close to where she trained, saying, “This is such a great area—I’m glad to be back.” Filippo’s focus is primary care optometry; she particularly enjoys working with children, fitting contact lenses and interacting in a personal and consultative fashion with her patients. “I like to give advice on glasses based on a patient’s lifestyle and work environment, and to spend time learning how they use their eyes throughout the day,” says Filippo.

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When Less Is More: An Optometrist’s Perspective on Progressive Lenses

by Carrie Jackson

wink_staceyfilippotyran_0317Vision changes are an inevitable part of aging. As we get older, our natural lenses lose their flexibility and we have trouble focusing. Dr. Stacey Filippo Tyran, an optometrist at Wink Optical, in Jenkintown, says that most people’s vision starts to decrease in their early 40s. “Presbyopia is a common condition caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, which results in blurred vision and trouble focusing for tasks like reading,” says Filippo. “Getting a proper eye exam and having an optometrist find the right refraction for you is the first course of treatment.”

Filippo says that progressive lenses are becoming more popular in treating presbyopia and other eye conditions due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal and comfort. “Progressive lenses are a specific type of bifocal that corrects distance, intermediate and near vision all at the same time. Unlike a traditional bifocal, there is no line on the lens, which allows the eye to focus seamlessly without having to adjust. Many people consider not having a line to be a cosmetic advantage as well,” says Filippo. Features like these are appealing to those busy with work, school, families and events, that want to simplify their eyewear.

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Glaucoma Interrupted: Early Detection for Effective Treatment

Glaucoma is the country’s leading cause of preventable blindness, but by the time one notices a change in vision, it may be too late.

The disease is caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye, which destroys the optic nerve. This happens slowly and without symptoms—the first sign of glaucoma is usually the loss of peripheral vision. By the time this stage has been reached, little can be done to stop the disease’s progress.

55785743 - glaucoma written on the road sign

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Fashion–Forward Frame Event at Wink Optical

EB_WinkOptical_0916Wink Optical will host a trunk show featuring fashion eyewear from designers OGI and Seraphin from 4 to 7 p.m., September 8, at their boutique location in the Baederwood Shopping Center, in Jenkintown.

The evening’s festivities will include complimentary wine and cheese as well as free mini-makeovers from guest make-up artists. Existing and new clients are invited to come with friends, with the goal of trying on as many frames as they can in a fun and festive atmosphere.

“Frames are so personal. You really need time and a supportive environment to try on different looks until you find a pair or two that fit well and feel like you,” says senior optician and store manager Joe Reganato. “Also, you might love a big, chunky look, but a large frame will feel heavy once you put your prescription in it. Working with an optician and a frame stylist can help you achieve the best choice of frames for fashion and function.”

Wink Optical is the boutique location of the Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs (PEL) family of optical stores, with additional locations in Center City, South Philly, Ardmore, Bensalem and East Norriton. A fifth-generation, family-owned business, PEL has been “Focusing Philly Since 1888”.

Location: 1649 The Fairway, Jenkintown. For information, call 215-935-6320, email or visit See ad, page 3.

September 2016

See and Be Seen

Putting Optical Care in Perspective with Joe Reganato


joe reganatoYou are a professional, licensed optician. What’s your favorite part about your profession?

I’ve been a professional optician for 25 years. I love to share what I know to help people look good and see well. When people have problems with their vision or their vision changes, that really impacts their life. Being able to help someone when they are experiencing those kinds of issues is very gratifying—like when I see a patient in their mid-forties who suddenly can’t read the menu, or their eyes are really tired and teary at the end of the day. When I collaborate with the optometrist, we can help restore comfortable, clear vision to them and really improve their quality of life.
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WINK Optical Celebrates Jenkintown Opening with Ribbon Cutting

wink opticalWink Optical, a new eyewear boutique with a commitment to making glasses people love in a low-pressure environment, celebrates its grand opening at 11 a.m., October 28, in the Baederwood Shopping Center, at 1649 The Fairway, in Jenkintown. The grand opening event will be a chance for the public to “See And Be Seen” and to donate old eyeglasses to those in need.
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