Yoga Retreat for Cancer Patients

Yoga for Cancer Care, a volunteer organization dedicated to offering the benefits of yoga to those affected by cancer, will lead A New Day—Yoga for Cancer Care Retreat, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., June 2, at the Steeplechase Cancer Center of the Somerset Medical Center, in Somerville.

The day of yoga will be tailored to individuals that have received a diagnosis of cancer and are either undergoing treatment or are cancer survivors. The retreat is an opportunity to join together to learn about the benefits of yoga and share experiences in a group setting. The schedule includes adaptive yoga (gentle movements modified for the individual), relaxation yoga with Reiki (a restorative practice with applied healing techniques) and a journaling session that will focus on self-reflection. No previous yoga experience is required.

According to Bonnie Pariser, head instructor and studio owner of Yoga Loka, studies show that yoga helps cancer patients reduce stress and sleep better. “Practicing the gentle movements in yoga and relaxation techniques can reduce some of the negative treatment-related side effects,” she says.

Cost: $25, includes lunch. Some partial scholarships are available; call 908-343-8247. Location: 30 Rehill Ave. For more information, call 866-742-5762 or visit or

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