Free Psychotherapy Consultations

Wholistic Fitness of North Wales is offering complimentary psychotherapy consultations for women and teens with Dr. Christine Marston.

Marston, a licensed clinical psychologist, brings 15 years of experience to her work with clients in women’s issues, life transitions, relationship problems, depression, anxiety and trauma. As a specialist in eating behaviors, Marston also treats people struggling with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating as well as exercise issues in adolescence, midlife and beyond.

“The answers to questions about feeding ourselves should come from listening to our bodies,” instructs Marston, “I find it reassuring that Mother Nature has given us all we need to eat healthfully and have movement in our lives.” She continues, “with time, effort and support, it is possible to get rid of the nonsense in our heads that gets in the way of us listening to our instincts. Feelings that fuel emotional eating can be honored and dealt with directly so that we don’t take our feelings out on our food and our bodies. As we connect to our instincts, our bodies fall at the weight that we were meant to be. My hope for all is that the internal struggle with food and body can be replaced with a positive relationship and a sense of peace.”

Cost: Free. Location: 217 Church Rd., Ste. B, North Wales. For information, call 267-613-8246, e-mail or visit

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