H2mojO: A New Probiotic Drink

mojo logoH2mojO, a non-dairy water kefir beverage, is now available for purchase in its first retail store, in New Hope. The fermented beverage is non-alcoholic, made from organic raw sugar, apple juice, natural fruits, spices and kefir—a bacteria yeast combination full of bioavailable vitamins and live probiotics.

The drink supports intestinal health with its high level of all-natural probiotics and is offered in various flavors.

“H2mojO has one of the highest quantities of live probiotics in a product that you can consume,” says creator Denise Sorin. These probiotics are useful to balance out good and bad bacteria in the intestines, improving the immune system, which is most often used to benefit heart health, joint pain and weight control. Sorin began making the beverage out of her Bucks County home a year ago, selling to friends and local Crossfit gyms until the store opened.

Location: 6220 Lower York Rd., Unit B, New Hope. For more information, call 215-808-0000 or visit H2mojO.com. December 2013.


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