Endless Bounty Dynamic CSA Partners with Silver Lake Nature Center

The Endless Bounty Dynamic community supported agriculture (CSA) program will be partnering with the Silver Lake Nature Center, in Bristol, this spring. The program is coordinated by Guzikowski Farm, which will source from itself as well as other local farms each week. To ensure a share, members are asked to sign up by April 10.

Available share options include full—20 deliveries of vegetables—or half—10 deliveries of vegetables. The variety of produce differs throughout the season, but includes both fruit and vegetables, with some options including eggs. Shares will be available for pickup at the Silver Lake Nature Center between 3 and 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays; dates vary depending on each member’s share schedule. The 20-week program is set to run from June to October.

The Silver Lake Nature Center is a 235-acre nature preserve located in Bristol, home to 20 plant and animal species listed as rare, threatened or endangered in Pennsylvania. The Center promotes healthy and sustainable living, and encourages community members to support local farmers.

Pickup location: Silver Lake Nature Center, 1306 Bath Rd., Bristol. For more information, call 215-696-1769, email SandyGFarm@gmail.com or visit SilverLakeNatureCenter.org. April 2014.

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