The Local Bookcase: Cancer Healing Odyssey

A Quest to Heal Cancer

by Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

cancer healing odyssey coverIn Cancer Healing Odyssey, author Sarto Schickel chronicles his wife Sun Hee’s cancer journey from stage IV ovarian cancer to living cancer free. A story of healing, devotion and support, Schickel and Sun Hee’s commitment to do whatever it took to heal is an important and profound part of this journey back to health.

Historically, stage IV ovarian cancer has been almost impossible to fully cure, so the couple had an uphill journey. Schickel and Sun Hee took a brave approach by combining conventional cancer therapy—surgery and chemotherapy—with alternative therapies—namely the Gerson method of healing, combined with macrobiotics.

The moment that Sun Hee was diagnosed in 2007, they contacted the Gerson Institute, in Mexico, where Schickel’s uncle had been treated decades ago. They started on a whole foods diet before the surgery and chemotherapy, then went to the clinic for a 10-day stay after the hospital procedures. The Gerson Institute did not believe that combining their diet with the macrobiotic diet would work, and the macrobiotic counselor was not convinced that the Gerson method would be beneficial. Schickel and Sun Hee instead followed their own intuition and combined what are perhaps the best of the conventional medical procedures and alternative procedures.

The daily routine that Sun Hee committed to is far from easy. It requires diligence and perseverance, and the cost of foods and treatment is not cheap. In the face of overwhelming odds, Sun Hee learned how to stick to her program and is now cancer free.

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Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson is a freelance writer in the field of food and health. Connect with her at June 2014.

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