Learn to Use Reflexology for Improved Health

Beginning in September, the Reflexology Practitioner Program will teach participants the gentle, healing art of reflexology and how to become a facilitator of wellness. The program is a six-month, 120-hour beginner level program that prepares the student to practice foot reflexology. Students will learn the history, theory and skills of reflexology as well as complementary concepts and wellness business basics.

Reflexology works with the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic and energetic systems to help the body reclaim balance, enabling the body to heal. In the world filled with stress, ailments and illness, reflexology is a holistic path to a healthy, well-functioning body.

“As a reflexologist, my role is to facilitate the shift from stress-mode to relaxation in my clients,” says Tracy McGovern, reflexology and Reiki practitioner at Essential Connections. “It is inspiring every day to witness what the human body is capable of when given a chance to function in balance.”

The class runs one weekend each month from September through February, with a one-hour phone/web class each week. No bodywork experience is needed. Registration is required by September 1 with an installment plan and full investment savings available.


Cost: $1,850. Location: Quakertown Center for Spiritual Living, 501 W. Broad St., Quakertown. For more information and to register, call 215-858-8195 or visit SquareUp.com/market/Essential-Connections/reflexology-practitioner-program. July 2014.

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