Learn Homeopathy, A Safe and Natural Healing Modality

Denise Timofai, D.Hom., C.Hom., is offering clinical homeopathy courses throughout the year in Upper Black Eddy as well as other locations. The course is a series of four classes that includes an overview of the principles and basics of homeopathy, a discussion of 50 remedies, how to select a remedy, how to know if a remedy is effective, various ways of taking remedies, how to make a remedy solution bottle, grafting remedies, making homeopathic ointments and oils, as well as test cases to put into practice what was taught in the class.

Homeopathy, a powerful and vast energetic healing modality, has been practiced throughout the world for hundreds of years. It is a natural and inexpensive way to treat many ailments naturally such as pain, trauma, colds, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, viruses, Lyme disease, autism, ADD-ADHD, allergies, various types of flu, depression, mental illness, grief, anxiety, fear, surgery and hormonal issues, to name a few.

The classes count toward a Homeopathy for Home Use (H.Hom.) certification from the Lotus Health Institute and internationally known homeopath, lecturer and author, Dr. Robin Murphy. Timofai teaches from her studio in Upper Black Eddy. Students may also form their own groups and hold the classes in another pre-arranged space. Notes and audio of the course is available if unable to attend in person.

Cost: $100. Location: varies. To register or set up a class, call 610-982-5012 or email HomeopathicEducation@yahoo.com. September 2014.

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